Ballet princesses by Valentino, Fall 2016 Paris Fashion Week

Valentino`s Ballet Princesses dazzled the Runway on Day 8th of Paris Fashion Week

Valentino, the Italian Fashion House nodded at the ballet during its show at Paris Fashion Week on Tuesday, March 8th,

He presented a bouquet of smoothly flowing pink dresses for your wardrobes in an atmosphere with the boisterous music replaced by a live piano performance.

The show got underway with hues of elegant darkness, coats and long tulle skirts which gave in to blanched pink dresses carrying long sleeves. Below is a gallery of the Show.
12The audience watched the high necks, ruffled chiffons, decorated prints, sequins sitting on ballet themed pink velvet cusions that lined the risers in the Tuilleries show space. The show looked straight out of Instagram with instant gratification. The collection gave a casual feeling apart from the designers usual elaborate embroideries. The evening however compensated the Valentino Fans with cape silhouettes, star motifs, florals and beautiful embroideries. The show kept everyone excited for the next upcoming event. The Pic below will show you the gallery.


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