Make time to get cosy – The Art of Hygge

If one of your new years resolutions was to make more time for yourself, to de-stress and give yourself a bit of love, we would highly recommend setting aside an evening a week, creating a cosy environment and pampering yourself. Time to make things Hygge!


We are inspired by Hygge, a Danish term which basically means cosy. But it’s a bit more than that. Learn how to incorporate Hygge into your life by picking up a book on the topic, putting on a nice cosy dressing gown and lighting some calming candles. You can then set your space up, set aside some time each week to take care of you and de-stress for a cosy and happy start to 2017.


Here are some products we would recommend:

Pamper time - The White Company Robe

Try this luxurious robe from The White Company to make yourself feel comfortable and ready to set up your cosy space.


Pamper Time - Espa Candle

Light some candles that give off calming scents. We love these Pamper time - Rituals Candlefrom ESPA  and Rituals .


HyggePick up a book on Hygge and get reading. We love The Art of Hygge.





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