Designer Dupes: The Verdict

Designer Dupes: The Verdict

Designer dupes or inspired pieces can be a great thing, for example they can provide a try before you buy option when deciding on investing in the real things, but how much of a good idea are they really. We have had a long think, jotted down all the positives and negatives of designer dupes, based on experience, to bring you the verdict on whether they are acceptable or not.

The Verdict…

Overall, we think that they are a great idea, but it is perhaps best to go for inspired pieces if you just want to get in on a trend, and possibly look at the quality before going for it. There is no point in a try before you buy if the quality lets the style down, or they are far to uncomfortable to even wear. It will cloud your judgment and you’ll be left wishing you never bothered and just took the plunge in the first place. If you are really in love with a style, save and invest. It is far better for the environment as it amounts to less wastage, and if you decide after all it’s not for you, you can always sell on designer items and get some of the cash back. We also suggest not blowing a small fortune on trend driven pieces. Stick to the classics. Think the Chanel Classic Flap. If you go for a dupe, you’ll always be left wanting the real thing, so why not just save!

It is a fair point that not everyone has the means to spend a lot, but if one learns to be more economical with their clothing, and avoid fast fashion, it is easier to save, and you will be left with something far more valuable than cheap dupes that inevitably don’t match up to the real thing.


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