How to get Clear and Refreshed Skin

How to get Clear and Refreshed Skin

with Murad

For those suffering with Acne, I have finally found something truly amazing. From one acne sufferer to another, if you have been suffering with breakouts and nasty textures on your skin, the Murad Retinol Youth range is going to be your saviour.

I have been using the overnight treatment in conjunction with my usual night-time and morning regimen, and after two weeks, I have experienced the biggest change in my skin since it started to become a real problem. I have had acne now for coming up to five years, and have rarely found any relief, from trying prescribed treatments, to other over the counter products. Finally I caved and thought I’d give retinol a try as an overnight treatment after speaking to a Murad consultant.

Within the first couple of uses I seriously noticed a difference. My skin was smoother and blemishes were significantly reduced. Now coming up to the three week mark, my skin is at it’s best, with no bumpy texture at all and just a tiny bit of scaring left.

The Murad Retinal Youth range is top on my recommendation list for those suffering with acne. I would recommend using sparingly, and only at night as the products are retinol based, and make sure you have a good day moisturiser with a high SPF in.

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