Wild Beauty Event At Brown Thomas #mybtbeauty #wildbeauty

The Wild Beauty Event at Brown Thomas Dublin discussing skin care on the 7th floor rooftop carpark. There was a wide variety of discussions, and many skincare products were highlighted, seen below.

Melanie Morris discussed skin care with a panel of experts at the Brown Thomas Wild Beauty event. Facials and sheet masks were high on the agenda. Mentioned were Brown Thomas’s personalised facials (more info from BT here) with their skin enhancement products such as Sisley Product for eyes & lips with glycerin and honey, and la prairie moisturiser. Some hydrating masks were highlighted by the beauty lounge such as

For all us skindividuals, hylouric acid in small doses such as advanced night repair favoured by Victoria Beckham, and products coming from lá mer are pricey – but may be just the thing.

Stress came out as a predominant factor affecting skin care. SoS products such as the Concentrate by lá mer prove invaluable. Also mentioned Ant Oxidant Energie by lancome for stress.

The S words to avoid in order to have good skin:

  • sun
  • sugar
  • lack of sleep
  • stress
  • stabilise the weight

A few products fresh from the beauty hall which help are

A very interesting night had by all  especially appreciated the goody bag with bt samples and the tickets are redeemable against beauty products. For the latest and greatest skincare product, be sure to visit Brown Thomas.

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