Alexander McQueen: the ‘clunky’ sneakers

Alexander McQueen: the ‘clunky’ sneakers

Trend wise big, clunky (ugly tbf) trainers have been super huge with all the ‘In’ crowd sporting their favourite of the huge designer selection that is available out there right this moment.

We think that this trend is a hard one to really sink your teeth into. You just have to look at the big Balenciaga numbers too see that it would be jolly hard to pull it off….convincingly. So we decided to give the more ‘subtle’ clunkies a go.

There seem to many out there who have opted for the Alexander McQueen sneakers, and it is not necessarily hard to see why. Firstly there is a large colour option, so you can find one to suit your style, and they are far more subtle, with only a chunky heel/ sole as their nod to the trend.  Upon trying these good-uns on, it is clear why they are the rage!

Super comfortable, although it is recommended to go a size down, and super flattering on the legs and ankles. The only downside is that the sole is very rigid, which makes walking in the something that will come with practice.



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