Trend Talk: Sparkly Slip ons

Trend Talk: Sparkly Slip ons

This week’s trend talk is aiming for the micro trends or the accessories trends if you please. And the first one that we will discuss is the beautiful embellished slippers that seem to be cropping up here there and everywhere at the moment. Definitely creating competition for high heeled shoes as the choice of footwear on occasions.

We have put together two looks, one casual and one dressier to show you how to work this trend into your wardrobe.



Simple. Cut off jeans, oversized shirt, and some sparkly slippers casually slipped on. No effort, yet maximum effect.



For a more dressy look try wearing a pant suit, cropped off at the ankles with a pair of these stunning slippers. Keeping the length cropped really helps show off your ankles for a more flattering look.

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