How designer belts can elevate your look

How designer belts can elevate your look

I’m all about making your outfit look ore expensive! I think we all are really. And I have found one of the easiest ways in which to do this. A while ago we spoke about how adding accessories that were on the luxury end could make an H&M outfit look killer, and we are back with the same sort of theme here. But we are focusing on belts in particular.

In order to elevate your outfit, I would 100% suggest adding a luxury belt with a logo. I do think that the GG Gucci belt that we have seen just about enough of, is on it’s way out, so what now?

I would recommend going for a classic LV Louis Vuitton piece, or perhaps the stunning reversible H Hermes belt. Add to a pair of jeans and a cami top, and it really adds that luxury feel, polishing off your look.

Shop out favorite belt picks below.

Moschino Logo Belt

Dolce and Gabbana Floral Logo Belt

Saint Laurent Suede Belt

Off-White Belt

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