This Weeks Beauty Must Have: St Tropez Purity Mouse

This Weeks Beauty Must Have: St Tropez Purity Mouse

Let’s avoid the awkward pasty legs scenario that we all dread come summer, and go for a self tanner. But which self tanner? Don’t want to ruin your lovely white sundresses and bed sheets, do we!? Don’t want the risk of a patchy tan either!

That’s cool, St. Tropez have your tanning needs all wrapped up in their new tanning Putiry Mouse! And it’s colourless, so no orange clothes!! WIN! We have tested the tan, and can really vouch for this too. It is unbelievable that we no longer have to endure stained bed sheets anymore!

The other amazing thing about the tan, is that is is so quick and easy to apply. It just glides on. However, as there is no guide colour, we would recommend paying a little bit more attention to where you have put it. We would recommend using a mitt, and exfoliating and moisturising before as well as each day to ensure your tan is maintained. You can apply each week to top it up.

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