Five of the best: Cat Eye Sunglasses

Five of the best: Cat Eye Sunglasses

I think this year has got to be the year of the Cat-Eye Sunglasses. In all shapes and sizes. All colours, worn in all different ways. You must have spotted these on your Instagram feed at some point within the last few months! If not, may we suggest catching up with the rest of us, because the Cat-Eye frame is a big one. And we have found the top 5 for you to try out.

We have gone for some skinny frames (for real retro vibes, possibly not the best if it is really sunny as they do not shade your eyes!), some bright statement frames, and some larger more practical shapes.

We do believe that sunglasses are the type of accessory that are worth investing in, so we have only really included top of the range styles here. We have added a link to some high street stores, where similar styles can be found if you are on a budget.

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Shop the look at Topshop and Asos.


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