5 of the Best: City Bags


5 of the Best: City Bags

So the kids are back to school, and although you may not have had much of a break as them this summer, September is always a good time to give yourself a little treat and update your handbag. It is a time when trends change, and also, why is it fair that all the kids get new gear!

So as part of out 5 of the best this month, we have selected some of our favourite City style bags, great for the 9-5, or just as an everyday bag if that’s what you want. We have included some different shapes and style, but mostly they are boxy bags, and we have also kept the colour palette quite neutral and dark. Only so marks do not show up as much and the bag will go with pretty much everything.


We love the Saint Laurent shopper, which is possibly a tiny bit different to the other bags included, as it can be used as a hold all. Just one thing to note; it may not be that secure so be careful when carrying valuables.


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