Chupi AW18 Collection “Stars in the sky”

Introducing Chupi’s AW18 collection, ‘Stars in the Sky.’ Inspired by the wonderful words of Frances Clark: ‘There wouldn’t be a sky full of stars if we were all meant to wish on the same one’. Chupi Sweetman says of the collection: I made Stars in the Sky for the stargazers and daydreamers, for all of us who look at the stars and make a wish.” The latest collection includes sparkling new engagement rings, personalised solid gold pieces, signet rings, zodiac coins and new additions to bestsellers. The perfect gift to mark a special moment or to treat yourself to something precious.

Remember Me Engraved Personalised Pieces

Wear something that is truly yours with our personalised Remember Me collection. Our personalised Remember Me Engraved pieces are ready to become your future heirloom, whether you choose your monogram or a combination of yours & your favourite person’s initials to be hand engraved on our signet ring, this collection is the perfect memento to remember the most precious things.

Sparkling Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is more than a piece of jewellery, it’s something precious that will mark this moment forever. Our sparkling engagement rings are designed to be future heirlooms and become part of your story

Zodiac Star Sign Ancient Coins

The stars have fascinated us ever since ancient times. When the ancient Greeks and Romans first looked to the skies, they saw the constellations glittering brightly and wrote down the very first zodiac. Chupi has been in love with star signs ever since she was little, when she was given a 2000 year old ancient greek coin with a depiction of her star sign, Aquarius, on it by her godfather. This collection is inspired by those ancient coins.

Cast in 14k solid gold from ancient coins from the Greeks and Romans, the coins are over 2000 years old and as beautiful today as they were when they were first made in Athens and Rome. Each coin has a unique history, a heritage that carries through to today. Constellations are a mixture of science and mythology, wear your star sign as the perfect talisman. Each star sign necklace is cast from an original Greek or Roman coin, read the story of your star sign here.

The Chupi AW18 collection ‘Stars in the Sky’ is available online and instore at ATRIUM, Powerscourt Townhouse, Dublin 2 now. For more information visit


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