TOUBA LONDON is the representative, main distributor & agent for both established and exciting new international and British designers. Working closely with both designers and buyers Touba London’s clientele include the most influential world wide department stores and directional boutiques. TOUBA LONDON provides a showcase for designers and artists to display their creativity and talent in fashion, photography and artwork by curating showroom presentations as well as photographic and artwork exhibitions in London, Paris, Tokyo, Copenhagen and New York.


Gabriela Coll Garments focuses on the way of dressing and the value of garments, while working through Series. Each Series is the result of concrete imagery, they do not follow any season or have a fixed number of pieces and are always permanently available.

With a fine arts background, Coll bets on the consistency of garments, and her aim is to create a contemporary wardrobe that stands by itself.

Serie No.1 is composed of 15 pieces: garments for men and women, bags, accessories and footwear, marked by the transcendence of time, the way they sit on the body and the nobility of the materials. Using materials and techniques such as, hand-lacquered leather and cotton, Coll creates depth within a minimal colour palette.



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Levens Jewels was founded in 2016 by Mar del Hoyo, combining a fascination with nature and femininity with a craft and materiality, resulting in ceramic earrings and jewellery that have an imperfect nature, almost intuitive, in which the simplicity of shapes and materials are a sign of identity.The brand now works with silver and gold plated brass as well as the signature material of ceramics, aiming to create work that is not specific to a type of woman but tells a story on the beauty that surrounds us all; within different personalities and details in everyday life.



Recent winner of the British Leg of the International Woolmark Prize 2017/2018, Samantha McCoach founded Le Kilt in 2014.

Her grandmother has been a traditional kilt maker in Scotland for over 40 years and through Samantha’s teenage years she would observe her grandmother expertly tailoring Kilts, trousers and other traditional staples from fine Scottish tartan.

British subcultures are key to the brand DNA of Le Kilt and a distinct sixties and influence runs through this collection, seen in the distinct colour palette and subtle design details such as the large round buttons used on fastenings and seams.



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cancellato is a knitwear-couture brand based in Milan, Italy. It is knitwear as the technique with infinite creative potential, one of the oldest and yet the most future-oriented.

cancellato is a place where craft and technology learn from each other and the hands knowledge collaborate with digital programming to turn tradition into innovation. cancellatois sculptural softness, the elegance of experimentation and the poetry of the ordinary life. Made in Italy.



idols & blue aw19 COLLECTIONS

Beatriz Palacios Jewelley Campaign Campaña

Beatriz Palacios

Beatriz Palacios Jiménez is the protagonist, director and designer of the Madrid based jewellery brand BEATRIZ PALACIOS.

Beatriz studied and graduated as a mining engineer at the Universidad Politécnica in Madrid. After graduating, she moved to Dublin where she made contacts with young Irish designers and had her first real experiences with the fashion industry. A year later she moved back to Madrid and while working as an engineer, she continued to study jewellery techniques with professional jewellers. After a number of years of learning she felt confident to launch the brand in the winter of 2011.

Her inspirations have varied between different European art and design movements of the last century or natural animal and plant forms. The brand develops two collections each year. Each one is unique in its inspiration, but all are unified by a distinctive style cultivated over a lifetime.

The aim of the brand is always to maintain a high insistence on quality, craftmanship and design. Beatriz, together with the help of a master jeweller, works on the concepts and practical completion of each individual piece in a collection. Every single piece is designed and handcrafted in her workshop in Madrid, Spain. As both an artist and jewelry designer it is always most important to her that she oversees every single piece and she prides herself in this work practice.



José Luis Bartolomé and Albert Escribano returned to their Mediterranean roots to found HEREU after many years immersed in the cultural mix of London and Paris. At HEREU, we set out to engage with local artisans, rediscovering craft traditions and using them to express our distinctive take on the region’s enduring heritage.

The Mediterranean has long been the inspiration for some of the greatest visual artists of the last hundred years. We reimagine this legacy to create designs that evoke a nostalgia for Mediterranean Spain. Being crafted in Spain, our work is physically rooted in the Mediterranean landscape and the individual hand of the artisan is always the starting point for every design. We reinterpret these artisanal traditions through a personal language influenced by the region’s distinct mix of high art, folk tradition and popular culture.

HEREU’s modern craftsmanship imagines a better future in which innovation and tradition, the local and the international exist together seamlessly, expressed through functional designs that embody a timeless tradition.



Liah is a fashion brand for women. Its collections explore the contemporary idea of comfort and elegance, with an approach that showcases details, the finishing touches. Simple garments with a timeless aesthetic, designed with a natural sense of beauty, unpretentious, and crafted with the finest natural materials. The brand was born in a weaving factory owned by the second generation of the Puig Romeu family in La Llacuna (Barcelona), a small agricultural town home to vineyards, olive and almond trees and a prestigious textile tradition. Liah’s collections are a reflection of this natural environment paired with years of experience working together with international fashion brands. Having our own factory is an added value. We control the quality of all processes with maximum accuracy. We use cutting-edge machinery to create a full range of knitwear, innovate more freely and provide bespoke services if required. Liah offers full collections, from garments in a cashmere/silk blend with a soft second-skin feel to sweaters, trousers and coats in merino wool in a range of thicknesses to cotton, linen and silk pieces. Elegant lines and colour palettes that can be easily mixed and matched. A line of elevated basics designed for everyday wear.



The Brazilian designer, Renata Brenha, creates garments as a means to channel ideas creatively and initiate dialogues with a larger community of thoughts. Hailing from Sao Paulo, her Latin American roots within largely mixed cultures inform both her aesthetics and approach. With strong curiosity in cultural anthropology, Brenha digs deep into the lived experiences of indigenous people – from the Zapatistas uprising in Chiapas, Mexico to the Yanomami Genocide in Brazil. Textiles, to her, function as ‘text’ in these communities, telling stories, histories, trauma and rituals. By observing the way a silhouette is formed or how a piece of cloth wraps and modifies the body, every garment is her own exploration in translating the multiple readings of resistance performed through dressing oneself.

As much as she is drawn to the universality fashion provides to communicate complex ideas, Brenha stands in dismissal of the unsustainable and unethical implications in its industrialised production. She has actively adopted the way of Gambiarra, a Brazilian attitude of improvising with existing materials to create new objects and meanings; the process of which is left as a visible and essential part of the design. Upcycling renewable materials and craftsmanship take centre stage in the formation of her garments. She works hands-on with artisanal techniques in collaboration with other local experts in her airy and plant-filled Hackney studio – the creations responsive to her East London neighbourhood.

Brenha holds an MA Fashion (Womenswear) from the Royal College of Art and a Graduate Diploma from Central Saint Martins.



Created by Maegan Rocca, in 2018 who felt that everyone needed a more responsible upgrade to their wardrobes basics.

Les Petits Basics is designed in London and crafted in France. Mixing fun, inspiration with savoir-faire while using sustainable material only. Designed for everyone in need for a little fun in their life and on their tee while showing their inner “nonchalence”.  Everyone has tees and basics but not everyone has Les Petits Basics.  Extreme comfort and upgraded designs is Les Petits Basics.  We know you’ll love them as much as we do.



Made exclusively in Japanese ‘pure’ white denim; a series of shirts and outerwear in authentic 100% untreated cotton. An extension to the Hampu white canvas bags from drop 1, this debut into apparel features the same raw edges and double stitching, all made in the Japanese region famous for it’s highly reputable denim production. Marché Marché is an ever-evolving marketplace and curated online platform for anything and everything in fashion and lifestyle, with a fundamental principle: to offer thoughtful merchandise. Inspired to conceive products that people actually desire.



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The NOMA t.d. collection is designed by Masko Noguchi and Takuma Sasaki. Noguchi graduated with a BA in theory of design at Musashino Art university in Tokyo. She then moved to the UK where she was awarded a BA in textile design by Chelsea College.

Sasaki, who ran his own boutique in Tokyo, has travelled extensively, visiting Paris and New York in search of talented young designers. Noguchi and Sasaki established their collaborative label “NOMA t.d.”combining their talents, experiences, and knowledge of design, they produce their own textiles by handcrafting unique graphics used in the creation of their garments.



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Worme was founded by sisters Hannah and Melissa Collett who grew up in South West London and spent summers in Cadaqués, Cataluña. The Mediterranean town has a vivid artistic legacy and wild energy, which the sisters drew inspiration from when first experimenting and creating clothes for their holidays there.

Uninspired that the only resort wear available was made from synthetic materials embellished with jewels, tassels and fringes, they designed their own classic pieces that allowed them to transition from day to night, turning to silk every time for its ease and effortless sophistication.

The sister’s love of quality design and fabric was instilled from an early age and cemented during their personal stints at Dover Street Market London. Whilst working there, Hannah began studying at The London College of Fashion before embarking on a ten-year career as a Makeup Artist for film and TV. During Melissa’s time at DSM, she also gained experience at Pop Magazine and Dazed & Confused. She then made a move to Paris, followed by New York to focus on her work as a Photography Agent and Producer.

Following their time apart and inspired by travels to Japan, LA, and Miami, the girls finally found themselves drawn back to their London roots, where they united their experience and reconnected to their early passion for designing clothes. With their skills in photography, hair, makeup and styling, all the brand’s shoots are shot and produced solely by the two of them.

The brand encapsulates the freedom of vacation, with timeless pieces that work just as well in the city.



TESEI is knitwear – 100% produced in Italy and rediscovered in its most advanced techniques with a curious and passionate look, it is taken to its utmost possibilities through a contemporary style and its unusual, revolutionary combinations.



ROKER subverts the norm. This season, to further challenge the conventions of iconic British footwear styles, ROKER looked to British sculptors including Antony Gormley and Rachel Whiteread. Here, ROKER reimagines form rather as a series of uid and angular shapes. Sculpted heels are exaggerated, the form of a boot is abruptly interrupted by a bold and blunt square toe, and ankles are obstructed by gold buckles providing condence but restraint. In ROKER’s world, the art is wearable.


Alim Latif’s ROKER arrived with great and instant fanfare. The bold vision was clear from the start: non-binary shoes subverting traditional styles but made with the awless craftsmanship and execution of a bespoke shoemaker. A classic Chelsea was redened with exaggerated square toe, masculinising the form and balancing out a block-sized heel. A court shoe was soled with a vertiginous wedge to emphasise the shape and form.

From its beginnings in 2016, ROKER challenged expectation, and the market was clearly ready for it. From the very first collection, Clients ranged from legendary graphic designer Peter Saville to pop superstar Harry Styles (whose tour wardrobe consisted of 17 ROKER boots including the bestselling styles Ripon and Whickham). It was ROKER’s ability to celebrate the heritage and traditional processes of British shoemaking (with each pair lovingly made by hand in their east London atelier) as well as champion an inclusive genderless ethos that attracted a spate of London’s most audacious and important designers and ultimately collaborations abounded with Ashley Williams, Art School, Richard Quinn, Richard Malone and, with whom ROKER still collaborate today, Charles Jerey Loverboy.

Following demand and increased requests from select retailers and stylists, ROKER are now looking to establish a wholesale business for their namesake line and endeavour to continue their vision to make contemporary and relevant incarnations of traditional British footwear.



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ONAR pre-spring collection is a wardrobe for individuals in constant change. Designer Irene Kostas has imagined a selection of leather jackets, pants and bags that transcendent seasons, lifestyle changes – even generations.

The new collection is inspired by the photography of Eoin McLoughlin and the music of Ryuichi Sakamoto, by urban green and mist-covered city views. The key material is European nappa leather, the most prestigious material in the market for everyday pieces. The silhouettes are form-fitting apart from two oversized styles. The colour palette is a mix of Black, Foggy Grey, Smoggy Green and Phantom Green with a splash of Solar Yellow.

Each ONAR piece is crafted by hand from ethically sourced natural materials. The high- quality finish is a result of vegetable tanning. ONAR collections are made by some of the most skilled hands in the industry.

ONAR is based in Helsinki, in the hometown of its artistic director and founder Irene Kostas. Irene Kostas is a fashion designer and a DJ, who hosts her own weekly radio show at the prestigious Radio Helsinki channel. Kostas comes from a family of artisans, and in her work, she translates the family tradition into progressive fashion pieces. ONAR was selected as a Vogue Talents Finalist in 2016, and its collections have been featured in several fashion museum exhibitions. ONAR also collaborates with Artek.



AF AGGER is a Danish based quality clothing brand made in a pursuit to disrupt the way people perceive how they buy clothes. the brand is based on our belief that simplicity is beautiful and sophisticated and that sustainability is about making something of lasting worth.

It is important to us that the end-consumer understands that AF AGGER is not to be perceived as a fashion brand but as a product which you invest in. AF AGGER agger garments are envisioned to be passed on like a timeless piece of furniture that follows generations because well-made objects mean you’ll need less of them.

AF AGGER was founded in 2012 with the aspiration of creating sustainable products of lasting quality and style, made using only the best craftsmanship and luxury materials available. the brand embodies an understated and effortless aesthetic, which empowers the wearer and allows personality to stand out, similar to how a best supporting actor or actress helps bring out all the captivating facets of the main role.

Each collection is based on classic materials and one or two classic items which are special to us, be it the mackintosh, the duffle coat or the white t. driven by beauty, functionality and comfort, collections should be seen as a string of the best versions of the must-haves of the season. as should the brand be seen as the construction of one wardrobe. made to last.



Jamie Wei Huang is a contemporary luxury womenswear label, founded by JAMIE WEI HUANG after graduated from Fashion Design Womenswear at Central Saint Martins College 2012 . The Brand continuances Jamie s strong believed in seeking self-expression through fabrication and materials. Jamie stay truth to her signature style of strong elongated silhouettes, constructed with careful juxtaposition of fabric catering for contemporary individual. The pivotal moment that led to the inception of Jamie’s namesake label was when she was featured in the Top 5 of “Designer For Tomorrow ” Final list. In 2015 she also won ” Elle Talent Award  ” Taiwan  and  “Vogue Talend Award ” Italy for final list afterward.


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