New in: Zara

Every week we choose a fashion retailer or designer and bring you our favorite pieces from their new in section of their website. We have gone from real high street fast fashion to high end designer and somewhere in between.

This week we have gone back to the high street giant Zara. Great for work wear, evening wear, casual.. you know just about everything. And why we love Zara? Because they are always incredibly quick to adopt high fashion and on trend pieces, whereas perhaps some other retailers are a tiny bit slow in the uptake.

We have chosen this beautiful printed blazer dress, which is hot off the press and limited edition, so no doubt this will sell out! But this will be perfect should you have any big nights out coming up! It really will make a statement. Also we have included some stunning leather mules and a super edgy asymmetric top. Great to pair with jeans, or the leather trousers!

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