Super Stylish in Sweaty Betty

Super Stylish in Sweaty Betty

Looking good in the gym these days is not difficult. Definitely an “all the gear and no idea” in my case. But if you feel amazing, the more likely you are to go and achieve your fitness goals, and the harder you will try. It is almost all down to a mind-set!

We are so in love with the pieces by Sweaty Betty at the moment and they are 100% killing athleisure style. Their “no pain, no champagne” sweater  (£85) here, is a personal favourite.

Their actual work out gear is pretty neat too. We love the Abandoned Collection (shop here ), a retro inspired collection of everything you could possible wish for in your gymdrobe! They even have a super cool gym bag to carry it all in (Bowler bag £125 here ).

We also love the Limitless collection (here ) which offers some beautiful seamless pieces perfect for the yoga studio.

Shop all the collections at Sweaty Betty here.

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