Trend Talk: Hair Scarfs

Trend Talk: Hair Scarfs

Trend talk this week is back with a detail oriented trend. Something simple, and easy, yet very effective in pulling together your summer outfit. We are focussing on hair scarfs! Well, just scarfs, but worn in the hair (see our inspirational image).

This Trend Talk is actually going to be slightly different in that this week, we have found a hair scarf to splurge on, and a more affordable alternative. We have tried to keep them as similar as possibly so think of this as a ‘dupe’ Trend Talk.

So without further ado, this is our splurge and save Trend Talk of the week:


Hermes Scarfs are iconic, who could argue with that. So of-course our splurge feature was always going to be an Hermes Scarf. We love the Twilly’s that the label do, which are a tiny bit more practical to tie in your hair as, you know, less fabric! Those of you who have tried this before will understand! And if you decide this trend isn’t for you, there are loads more ways to work a Twilly into your outfit.


For a fraction of the price, you could go for a boldly coloured Mango at ASOS Scarf. Similarly to the Hermes, if you decide that the hair thing isn’t for you, you can always wear in a different way.

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