Trend talk: Velvet

Trend talk: Velvet

This week’s Trend Talk, will be focusing on something that we have seen a great deal of this Autumn from high end designer to high street. There are many big trends floating around this time of year so it is difficult to know which ones to hit and which ones to miss. The trend this week, has re-occurred through many Autumn/ Winter seasons in the last few years, so it looks like it might be one to hit (and continue to do so year after year)! Say hello, or hello again, to Velvet.

We are sure you’ve all seen this trend crop up on your Instagram feed, so you are probably familiarised, and perhaps have some styling ideas yourself. But as with any trend talk, we are going to show you how to style the trend so that you can easily integrate it into your wardrobe, either casually or smart!

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