The days of department store fashion shows, often more languid and simpler than standard 21st century fashion shows, have long been thought to be over. The Galeries Lafayette-Haussmann however perpetuates this exercise in style every season with talent and rigour. As usual, the models presenting this winter’s new collections walked out of an antechamber into the beautiful Salon Opéra on the fourth floor of the building. Their movements and that of the fabrics were broadcasted on large white screens to enhance the spectator’s viewing experience. No less than a hundred looks were shown amongst which women wrapped in ultra-soft, ultra-long scarves, ready to beat the winter with wool; women in tartan dressed to the nines whose straight cut trousers and jackets put the elegant in countryside. There were also chic eccentricities such as a slimming and original scarf almost brushing the ground; shirt collars stitched on the back of the neck, pumps designed to match any outfit from casual to super formal and many more things.

As the small crowd of fashion show-goers evacuated the Salon in a hurry to attend their next event, I strolled around the catwalk for a moment thinking about how I would have loved to wear every piece I saw and how every piece I saw could be paired with anything I already had. Galeries Lafayette-Haussmann fashion shows are the bespoke solutions to a slackened wardrobe in need of inventive and malleable looks.


A view from Galeries Lafayette-Haussmann’s lavish interiors. This photo was taken from the glass-walk allowing you to strut 16 meters above the void.


The Salon Opéra tucked behind a secret door on the fourth floor of the Galeries Lafayette-Haussmann.

This look is a playful arrangement of both colour, texture and genre. The men’s shearling coat is revisited with different materials for women. A belt is added for structure while the trousers remain straight and slightly oversize, hinting at the beret through their mustard hue. The shoes are rather neutral but that is because the coat is doing all the stylistic work. 


This baby blue and pink look exudes an incomparable atmosphere of futuristic coziness. The blue pointy pumps are definitely the detail which can take this look from casual to formal, provided you throw a nice jacket over the jumper, or own a good pair of quirky sunglasses like the model.


Total colour has always been feared by many. Here is an example of why it shouldn’t. Accessorised with the right jewellery, bag, haircut and shoes, a unicolour outfit can stretch out a silhouette, put a focus wherever you wish (should it be the waist, the shoulder or the legs) and most importantly, it makes you look extremely put together and elegant. This dark blue ensemble has particularly caught Pynck’s eye for its innovative cut.  


A shot of the screens displaying the complete look of models so that the spectator could see the ensemble first and the details as the model walked by.  


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