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Situated in the historic medieval market town of Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, Country Choice cafe and delicatessen  has access to some of the finest indigenous ingredients Ireland has to offer. Located in the lush countryside at the foothills of the Silvermine mountains, a couple of miles from the beautiful Lough Derg and river Shannon.
Mary and Peter Ward opened the doors of Country Choice in 1982 and since have received a national reputation in Ireland for their dedication and passion in sourcing, cooking and selling seriously good artisan food
Here we showcase some of their products…
country choice

Antica Enotria

These beautiful cherry tomatoes are a must in any kitchen when the fresh tomatoes are gone. They are grown on a lovely organic farm in Puglia.

Aceto Balsamico di Modena

Dark Concentrated Balsamic vinegar from one of the best makers ‘Carandini’ in Modena. It has its I.G.P protectorate from the E.U.

Chez Emily

Having gained experience in Belgium making some of the worlds finest chocolates Chez Emily combines renewal, refinement and craftsmanship into a unique and versatile assortment of chocolates


Country Choice Raspberry Preserve

Mary ward makes lots of jams in country choice, but there is no mistake about it the most popular and iconic is Mary’s soft set, Raspberry preserve.

Country Choice has established producer partner relationships with European artisans in Italy, France and Spain. From small wine producers, organic parmesan makers, olive oil producers , generations old pasta makers, and various other speciality artisans. Establishing relationships with the people behind the food is key, before anything else.

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