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Phoebe Coleman has lots of necklaces up on the website in 18ct rose and yellow gold vermeil and sterling silver. They are great to mix and match for a playful stacking effect, but are also beautiful worn on their own. Don’t forget to check their SALE section for special bargains, as they’ve added some lovely pieces that are up for grabs!


  • Over the centuries, the necklace has become the most important piece for adornment and communication in expressing identity and position.
  • The diamond necklace is one of the most expensive symbols of wealth, glamour, and prestige throughout history.
  • The pearl was beloved by Elizabeth I of England in the 16th century, sparking a trend for long pearl necklaces.
  • In the 18th century necklaces became primarily a feminine purview. However, American culture influences such as the 1960s hippie “love beads” made it more fashionable for men to start wearing necklaces again.

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