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Veronica Beard

The Brand:

The product of two sister-in-laws, one with a background in finance and the other in fashion. Now the duo have founded their own fashion label Veronica Beard, which, I kid you not, has some stunning pieces on offer. Launched in 2010, the brands signature piece is their “Dickey Jacket” a blazer / hoodie hybrid. Focused on american sportswear and classics, there are some exciting pieces to go and have a look at. We have selected our favourites below. We have included a few fool proof trend led pieces too, check out the gingham and ruffles!

The Products:


Bell Button down, ruched skirt dress. 

$450 at Veronica Beard.



Ranger Mixed Media Parka

$695 at Veronica Beard

Ace Novel Stitch Dress

$395 at Veronica Beard


Central Cold Shoulder Sweater

$425 at Veronica Beard

Mia Ruffle Blouse

$375 at Veronica Beard


Spirit Notched Collar Jacket

$695 at Veronica Beard

The Wanderlust Pant

$395 at Veronica Beard


Par Combo Sweater

$295 at Veronica Beard

Picnic Bow mini skirt

$395 at Veronica Beard


Hampton Flight Jacket

$695 at Veronica Beard

Melanie Grace

Melanie Grace Fashion Editor and Publisher for Pynck

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