The 6 Hottest Trends of the moment in Milan


Do you think stripes are boring? The truth is that is up to you to make it interesting: don’t limit yourself to black and white, or straight lines… take chances, play with colors, shapes and materials. Think outside the box!

Left: Marco De Vincenzo (

Right: Gucci (


The Blazer Dress

For this and the next season the blazer has been chosen as the key item of every wardrobe and if you follow the fashion shows you know that’s not all: stop to the traditional blazer to be worn with pants and skirts, it is the moment to go back to the 80s and wear your blazer as a dress! For those of you who prefer to improvise and enjoy the oversize look, you can get some inspiration from Marques’ Almeida. On the other hand, if you prefer to emphasize your silhouette, some brands, like Alessandra Rich, wear them in the mini version, for a very elegant and sexy outfit!       


Left: Alessandra Rich (

Right: MarquesAlmeida(


The Baseball Cap

You probably asked yourself this question many times before: how do celebrities manage to look so chic and effortless at the same time? Here is the answer: tone down your outfit with baseball hat: a skin tight dress, crop top and boyfriend jeans. everything will match the hat… Even better if you choose a gold one like this Gucci, or one with stripes, like this one from Rag & Bone Easy (visit their shop), right?



The Stocking Boot

Thanks to the hype brought in our life by Vêtements (official site), there is a new must have of the season, the stocking boot! Sexy and comfortable, and looks great both with skinny jeans and skirt. Go all out with a printed one or choose a softer and sexier look with a nude one.


Unlike in NYC where it’s still freezing, here in Milan finally the sun showed up and we can leave our monochrome outfits at home and risk it with a pop of colour. But for this season, colour is not enough: prints all over! choose opposite colours, complicated designs, stripes, dots, flowers, animal prints …  MORE IS MORE AND WE LOVE MORE


Balenciaga (


Fishnet Tights Over the Stomach

Fishnet tights have been one of the boldest trends of the season and in the last couple of weeks we have seen them in every combination possible: from dresses, to leather skirts and even jeans. In this world of possibilities, Instagram chose the winner…. jeans! Celebrities have been wearing them everywhere, from day to night. The key detail not to forget is to (slightly) show it over the belly button.   If you want a safer option to not show that much skin, choose pair these tights with ripped jeans: you will still get that edgy look that we all love to rock.


Romee Strijd                      Shea Marie

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