Milan Fashion Week Fall 2017

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Milan stands out among all other fashion capital due to its jammed packed nature with designers and brands that know how to push menswear forward, meanwhile making sure that whatever trends they introduce for the next six months are wearable and tasteful at the same time.

Here’s what designers have been up to in Fall/Winter 2017 Milan fashion week:

Giorgio Armani hit off the ramp with his classy suits and contrasting velvet blazers to spin things off a little for the season.

Giorgio Armani being the designer that he is, not giving a damn about the latest fashion trends and designing suits that any man alive could look good in. This piece specifically arranges along fur coat over a tailored suit- keeping style and weather both in line.

For Prada the fashion week translated out as propagating normality among all the ‘asking for attention’ clothing showcased on the ramp. Prada’s collection featured corduroy as the star, in tones reminiscing the 70s that is camel and brown.

Prada showcasing its love for corduroy and fur for the winter in this ensemble. So for the next six months make sure your wardrobe gets inspired by Prada’s subtle corduroy jackets and coats that you can pair with button down shirts and pastel sweaters like this one.

Boglioli by Davide Marello also made waves at the Milan fashion week with their soft shouldered jackets and patterned clothing. Bogioli had been kept a secret for long but thanks to the shakeup in their management they have managed to open their first store in US making its journey in the fashion world to be a longer better one.

Versace this time took inspiration from the tartan clan for their fall/winter collection. Versace used the bold red and black check throughout their collection to appreciate the tartan clan, from hoodies to trousers these shades have been clearly evident for everyone to see.

It seems that fall fashion for men is going to be quite fun and interesting!


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