Oscars Restaurant and the Lighthouse Cinema

If you’re looking for a memorable, cultural, and relaxing activity, then you should definitely consider making your way to Smithfield. Enjoy a meal at Oscars Restaurant, which is just outside the Lighthouse Cinema. They have a stunning menu, aptly themed:

It’s a wonderful place to visit, especially given it’s perfect location! Find out more details about it and their official website: www.oscarssmithfield.com

Now, onto the main event! The Lighthouse Cinema is known for taking a more artistic flair when it comes to movie programs. They’ve a funky interior:

And a small restaurant which serves snacks and drinks!

You’ll never fail to find something quirky, meaningful, alternative, and immensely enjoyable. We recently attended a screening of The Beguiled, starring Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrel. The cinematography was beautiful, highly recommended!

The Lighthouse Cinema offers a range of membership options, you can view further details and signup here: https://lighthousecinema.ie/your-visit/membership/

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