Autumn Gift Guide – BOOM Watches & CLUSE Watches

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Here are some Autumn gift and trade fair brands to watch out for – BOOM watches, and CLUSE watches and jewellery.

BOOM Watches, feature a Scandinavian design, with the option to create your own style with your watch. There are many combinations of pieces to create your own personalised look. Some of the brands include Brinna Moss and the Vild Capture Collection. The Moment and Minnie look through the past into the future.


CLUSE is a Dutch name and focuses on the minimalist look with watches. Their lineup include Lá Boheme, Pavanne, Minuet, lá Roche and lá Vedette.

Lá Boheme is minimal yet bold and has two different types leather and mesh. Both models feature four different types black, gold, rose gold and silver one with 100% leather straps and the other with stainless steel straps.


Pavane. Featuring a small sparkling crystal for each number on the dial.


The Minuit is smaller but like Boheme for a special occasion.


Lá Roche features six pieces. Real white and black marble are combined with black and grey leather to create a true statement watch.


Lá Vedette is a combination of vintage and contemporary, inspired by fashion icons of the past. Lá vedette fits perfectly within the definition of a small vintage watch.


For more information on CLUSE Watches, visit their site or email sales@clusewatchescom.



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