New Year, New Fragrance

Fragrance combining with Jo Malone

A new year is a perfect time to start a fresh, in many aspects of your lives. One thing that I have glazed over in my time is how incorporating a new fragrance into your life at the beginning of the new year can actually be incredibly valuable.

Fragrance for me evokes so many memories and feelings that I associate with a specific time that I may have worn a particular fragrance. And what is the new year all about? New starts, new goals, a huge spur of motivation. So pick out a new fragrance, wear for January, and later on in the year, you can use the fragrance to remind yourself of the motivation and your goals that you set yourself up with at the beginning of the year.

Jo Malone London offer a fantastic service where you can combine scents and tailor a fragrance that is personal to you. For the new year, I like going for something fresh, as in a fresh start. Lime Basil and Mandarin is my current go to everyday fragrance. There are also candles in the scent to, so if you are jotting down some goals and making yourself a 2018 plan, perhaps light one of these candles too. Then again, later in the year, you can light it again and be reminded that you have goals that you want to achieve.

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