Street style at Milan Fashion Week 2018

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We can’t help but applaud and drool over the style these men have been effortlessly flaunting on the streets of Milan. From plaid coats to perfectly tailored suits, streets of Milan over this month have been a ramp of their own kind. Check out some smoldering hot men in their best outfits.

Tailored suit with a colorful tie, minimal rim spectacles, maroon pouch that matches shoes – basically everything this man is wearing is on point and in line with today’s fashion line.

Do you remember John Lennon glasses? Take inspiration from this charming young man who knows how to pair a turtleneck right with a wide-collared long coat. This subtle colored outfit is giving us the all the warm and cozy style vibes in style.

Plaids over the shoulder, white shirt, a light brown sweater, and glares – that’s how you bid winters goodbye in style.

The right way to go monochrome and top it off with classic statement shoes.

Loungewear on the streets, trench coats on the streets – it is all happening in style in Milan.

In the words of Yves Saint Loraine, “fashion fades, but the style is eternal”. Never forget that.


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