5 of the best: Skinny Jeans

5 of the best: Skinny Jeans

Oh the great skinny jean. Have they had their moment? Apparently we have been told that they are so out, yet we just can’t stop wearing them! For the colder months, a great go to is to tuck your skinny jeans into boots so it is no doubt that they are an absolute staple at this time of year (don’t forget the cozy socks!)

So with every 5 of the best, we have chosen 5 of the best skinny jeans! We have included some luxury and more affordable options, some light washes and dark washes. Skinny jeans are super easy to do too. You can wear a variety of tops with them. Add a shirt, or embellished blouse, a silk cami, or a big cozy cashmere jumper!

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