Fashionista – How Much Does Your Fashion Job Pay?

Fashionista - How Much Does Your Fashion Job Pay?

Even as the concept of salary transparency is gaining some traction, what most people are getting paid in their current positions remains largely a mystery. This can be especially puzzling in the fashion industry, where the image professionals portray on Instagram (expensive clothing, frequent trips to Europe, celebrity encounters) often doesn’t correlate to their actual salaries, and where the job landscape is changing rapidly. So each year, we conduct a survey of industry professionals to find out what they’re earning.

Once again, we’d love it if you could take a minute to fill out this short and completely anonymous questionnaire. It takes none of your personal information and won’t let anyone else know where you work or what you make. But when we compile and release the results, you’ll be able to see what others at your level, in your field, are making on average. Not only does it help those starting out know what to expect, it ensures that you know your worth.

Take it here and please share with your friends! We’ll share the results soon.


Fashionista - How Much Does Your Fashion Job Pay?

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