5 Days of Vogue Beauty

For the second year running Vogue House opened its illustrious doors to the public for an exciting schedule of beauty events, hosted by brands such as Becca Cosmetics, Laura Mercier, and Garnier.

The Garnier event, held on Thursday, coincided with its launch of their new ‘Garnier Organic’ range. It featured a panel discussion of dermatologists, recycling experts and Instagram influencers. The conversation centred on responsible and sustainable beauty, and the growing awareness of the necessity to produce environmentally conscious products.

Stephen Clarke from TerraCycle, a global recycling company known for finding environmental solutions for hard-to-recycle items, spoke about his company’s recent partnership with Garnier, and their goal to eventually eliminate “the idea of waste”. He explained how the new Garnier products are totally recyclable thanks to TerraCycle’s system, even for items that your local council won’t accept, like nozzles and bottle caps.

The conversation moved to harmful ingredients in beauty products. Expert dermatologist Dr Justine Kluk suggested there is a great deal of scaremongering about what is “safe” to use on our skin, but reassured the audience that the cosmetics industry is in fact one of the most regulated industries out there, and often consumers are just using the wrong ingredients for their skin. Her key tips for good skin included: create a simple routine and stick to it, target ingredients that are designed for your skin type, and think about the environmental impact of the product you’re using to ensure you are an eco-conscious consumer.

Attendees on the day were invited to try out the new Garnier products in a specially decorated ‘Green Room’, covered in rich foliage, to mirror the environmental theme of their new range.

Some of the new Garnier products featured at the event were:

  • Smooth and Glow Facial Oil – best for dry skin to be mixed in with your daily moisturiser.
  • Botanical Cleansing Sponge – made from Konjac root fibre, this completely natural product can even be composted.
  • Detox Gel Wash – works very well with the all-natural cleansing sponge.

Containing natural ingredients and light scents such as argan oil, lemongrass and lavandin (a plant very similar to lavender, but more renewable due to it being less in demand), these products have the added bonus of following an environmentally friendly product cycle, all the way from their production to their disposal.

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