Han Chong’s Self Portrait – Fall Collection on show

Chong launched Self Portrait in 2013 and it has been a rocket of success ever since. It provides wearability, elegance, exquisite detailing and pricing that does not make you close your eyes as you type in your pin code –a key part of Chong’s philosophy; “beauty shouldn’t only be an option for the privileged few.”

This year’s Fall Collection is the kind of attire you hope to find as a winter wedding guest or chic work party. It is no surprise therefore that Chong designed the collection with friend’s weddings in mind and the need for the perfect outfit. There was classic black tailoring, bodices, sequins, including a sheer sequined pussy bow blouse which was a personal favourite. Another gem in the collection would also have to be the red midi dress with sequin balloon sleeves that will most likely be the fought over dress for Christmas parties. There were summer florals yet the elements of navy blue ensure that they can be a trusty event partner for any last vestiges of garden parties in September.

It was a predominantly monochrome collection which is typical of Chong yet this year saw the introduction of bright cobalt blue, cherry red and orange gingham additions. This highlights Chong’s desire to progress the brand and experiment which also extended to the cuts of the clothes. Emily Farra summarised that “the tuxedo dress spliced with a panel of pleated silk felt like the midpoint between past and present Self-Portrait.” Each look was paired with just below the knee black stockings with a pointed-toe lace-up heel which provided a feminine 1920s edge to the collection. It was about strong silhouettes and the star of the show for me was the tuxedo jumpsuit which provided a Top Gun meets James Bond vibe with a plunging
neckline, cinched in belted waist and satin lapels. Equally, the satin striped blazers paired with matching shorts provided a gentleman’s club feel to the collection.

Lace has always been Han Chong’s forte and this collection is no different. However, he delicately attaches it to the bottom of some of his garments to appeal to a boudoir slip vibe which strikes the balances between sensual yet subtle. Echoing the idea of dressed up casual was the pairing of round-neck shimmering skin-tight layers underneath dresses to provide a sexy yet contemporary touch to the collection.
Should such looks appeal to you then you can head to the newly launched shop of Self Portrait 49 Albemarle Street, Mayfair where you may even find Chong himself as he likes to interact with his  customers who generally don’t recognize the publicity-shy mogul. Chong says that it is the best way to receive “honest and direct feedback.” So if a casually dressed man with a fabulous hat suggests that you try the lemon yellow mini dress, give it a try.





Sarah Cameron

Author and Social Media Correspondent

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