Christmas Shopping – Emporio Armani, Canali, and Dolce

Pynck recently went for a shopping trip down Bond St. London, for some pre-Christmas presents. It was a lovely sunny day in London for shopping. We popped into Emporio Armani to buy a jacket and jeans for the men in everyone’s lives.Also came across some Ladies t-shirts which will help you sparkle this Christmas.

Next was a trip to Canali where they are selling cashmere and woolen scarves for men to die for. I do so love Canali! Last but absolutely not least Pynck made an entrance into the grand opening of The Dolce and Gabbana Store. Pynck bought some make up and lipstick – very colourful and can be personalised for Christmas.

They now have everything from coffee machines to spaghetti all packaged and designed by Dolce and Gabbana. A fabulous occasion and wonderful day.



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