Brown Thomas – Eclectic Mix of Street Fashion by Marc Jacobs

Bubbly Champagne and Canapes Reception showcasing Marc Jacobs Ready to Wear collection with a few words from his Euorpean Sales Manager : Sarah who voiced how Marc Jacobs says “Everyone should enjoy life…” and she highlighted how Irish Women love their fashion.

BT Personnel Stylist and Irina

Camera Bag and pink jumper and trouser


Macro Jacobs European Marketing Manager Sarah

Marc Jacobs collection showed his usual fabulous 1990 s theme of street savee style with a mix of some 1940s and 60s garments , all now at Brown Thomas. Colours were mainly navy, black and Shocking Pink. There was a wonderful 40s black dress made for comfort, ease and elegance with the fabric draping the silhouette beautifully. His small ‘Camera Bag’ in almost every colour is the biggest selling bag at BTs. From a casual black T-Shirt embroidered Marc Jacobs and on the back New York embossed with the same type-script as the famous New Yorker magazine is just some of the touches and attention to detail that run through his lines.

40 s black dress


BT Marc Jacobs camera bag

The event was upbeat like his collection of everyday fashion and supporters of Jacobs mingled with the chatter of the wonders of fashion.

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