Beauty Product of the Week: Ben Nye Final Seal

Beauty Product of the Week: Ben Nye Final Seal


Are you tired of your orange foundation transferring into all of your high neck blouses, or roll necks? Or even coats!? As we have previously mentioned this week, roll necks are a must have, we thought it was about time to tackle one of the most impractical things about them. They are close you your face, therefore make up transfer is inevitable!

Are moths of searching and trying different methods out, we have finally found the one that works! And make up stains are a thing of the past! Enter Ben NYE Final Seal.

A product made for drag queens, this stage make up does the job of ensuring that make up stays put all day, therefore, once we have set our foundation with powder, we figured it was worth a try. Spritzing onto our face at arms length, it initially feels a little bit stick but once it is dry, you can touch your face, and you will not have make up ol coming off in your fingers!

We did a test to see with a white dolls neck, and guess what! No transfer!

Shop the product below (click the image).


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