For once, I want to use GALA’s own words to describe itself, as a brand « inspired by art and dedicated to the fragility of beauty. » Gala was the name of Salvador Dali’s muse, a name that resonates like a medium of delicate creativity, passion and fulgurance. Gala is also the Greek term for white, light and purity. GALA’s brand identity connects these inspirations together to create ageless jewellery designed for all the defined and undefined, small or big, risky or comforting moments in life. Their collections feeds on Magritte, Cézanne and Degas paintings, nature, celestial views, botanics and so many other artistic and natural ressources that put on a glorious show for our eyes.

A selection of earrings and necklaces from GALA’s Naturalia collection, inspired by small gilded touches of paint on Degas dancers paintings and Magritte. Gold takes the shape of pencil sharpener shavings that shine and mesmerise from the multiplicity of their surfaces organized circularly.
The Magritte earring is inspired by the wings of the birds painted by Magritte, whose shapes were recopied and reworked with gold.

Above is the beautiful result, an earring so noble and so realistic one wonders if it just floats on the ear or if it it is truly attached to it.

The small Ginko lucky leaf is here moulded into both a necklace made of small leaves that embrace your neck and  light pendant earring available in versions of 5 or 10 leaves. The jewellery frames the face by attracting light to its beautifully crafted gold fragments.

The Root capsule collection is probably one of the most original jewellery endeavour I have seen in a long time. Consisting of 10 modules, the Root necklace interlocks a network of arabesques around the neck. The earrings are just as reminiscent of a sublimated version of plant roots systems mingling with hair and flowing to the neck.

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