Maintaining Physical Wellbeing From Home: The Home Workout

Following the advice of health experts during the period of COVID-19 isolation, many are replacing their usual gym session or weekly spin class with home workouts. Instagram fitness influencers have been quick to fill the demand, and many are posting daily workouts that are adaptable to your needs, schedule, and body type.

Understandably, many people are skeptical about the efficacy and benefit of home workouts, as compared to a real life gym class. Can completing an exercise class virtually, either via an Instagram live stream or following a YouTube video, really demand the same level of dedication as being in a real gym class, led by an qualified fitness instructor, who can see all too well if you’re slacking, or not following their instructions? And is it possible to do a full workout from the comfort of your living room, with no gym equipment?

All these considerations have been taken into account by the following home workouts. These difficult times have called for an effort to adapt every aspect of our lives, and that includes how we stay fit.

Joe Wicks, aka Joe The Body Coach, has started a daily workout for kids, posted live on his YouTube channel at 9am every morning. Intended to replace school PE lessons, this is a great initiative that has garnered much attention and support in national media, as a fun and easy way for children to stay active while they are not able to go to school.

As well as the wealth of free online workouts available, Louise Thompson of Made in Chelsea fame has been doing live workouts via her fitness account, Live Like Louise, with all proceeds going to support small businesses.

If you’re not into Instagram workouts, and prefer a more old-fashioned way to stay fit from home, try ordering one of Davina McCall’s at-home fitness DVDs from Amazon. Davina has long been the queen of fitness, and her workouts are perfect for those who want to focus on toning and strength, as well as fun cardio workouts that don’t get repetitive after the first five minutes. Try her 30 Day Fat Burn as a way to make a commitment to your fitness regime during isolation.

Fitness classes are a fun, sociable way to stay active. If possible, try these home workouts with whoever you live with: be it a sibling, roommate, or parent. You might end up laughing at each other, but it’ll make the experience communal and a lot more enjoyable. By incorporating the workout into your daily routine, it’ll become much easier to stick to.

If you’re struggling with motivation, do your workout in the morning, as you will naturally feel more sluggish and tired as the day wears on. This will give you the added benefit of a boost of energy for your day, whether you’re working from home or looking after your family.

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