Handmade in New York: Incredible Finds to Swoon Over

Planet zero hand made camo jkt pynck cropped.jpg

Hand crafted leather motorcycle jacket by Planet Zero Motor Sports

Leather apparel, it’s rich, sexy and alludes to a hint of danger. It has the “bad boy,” ‘bad girl” connotation, so of course, we love it. Handmade in “da” Bronx by designer Kenya Smith.

First, a bit of geography: New York City is composed of five boroughs: Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan and “da” Bronx. The Bronx, we are proud to inform you, is the only borough in New York that has the special distinction of having a “da” before its name. Transparency reveal: Your New York Correspondent was born in “da” Bronx.

planet zero hand made in ny red leather dress pynck cropped.jpg

Sophisticated leather ensemble by Planet Zero Motor Sports, couture Inferno leather dress is custom made-to-measure.

Planet zero handmade in ny wht jkt pynck cropped.jpg

Moto racing jacket by Planet Zero Motor Sports. So cool looking, you may just get frostbite.

planet zero handmade in ny women white suit w eye pynck cropped.jpg

Women’s leather racing suit, Planet Zero Motor Sports

planet zero handmade in ny brwn jkt pynck (2) cropped.jpg

Rocketman leather jacket with gauntlet sleeves and western styled Cavalry bib front as made famous by John Wayne

Uye Surana lingerie yellow w model handmade in ny pynck (2) cropped.jpg

Custom made lingerie by Uye Surana

Monica Wesley, founder and designer of couture lingerie brand Uye Surana designs and hand crafts feminine and contemporary made-to-measure lingerie and loungewear. Her garments are handmade in small batches and in many cases limited editions. Monica fashions lingerie to fit based on her clients’ measurements, crafted in-house in her TriBeCa, New York City studio. Now that’s intimate apparel.

TriBeCa, is a neighborhood in Lower Manhattan. The abbreviated name is an acronym based on the location, “Triangle below Canal Street.”

Uye Surana lingerie blue w model handmade in ny pynck (3)cropped.jpg

Handmade lingerie set by Uye Surana

uye surana butterfly tie undies handmade in ny pynck.JPG

Butterfly appliqué side tie panty, handmade by Uye Surana

Uye surana butterflies high nk handmade in NY pynck (2) cropped.JPG

Sheer butterfly high neck camisole by Uye Surana

Delicately hand printed using a photorealistic dye process, Monica Wesley’s passion for lingerie takes flight.

uye surana butterflies nylon stocking and garter handmade in ny pynck (2) cropped.JPG

Couture butterfly printed nylon stockings and coordinated garter by Uye Surana

Brooklyn Blacksmith Alex handmade in NY working pynck.jpg

Alex Himmelbaum, master knife maker in his Brooklyn Blacksmith studio

Many of the world’s top chefs can be found in New York. And what do both professional and serious home cooks alike demand in a chef’s knife? Precision, superior quality, a great edge that will last for a long time, a well balanced feel and in the case of the knives crafted by Alex of Brooklyn Blacksmith, a work of art.

Brooklyn Blacksmith Chef Knives pynck handmade in ny 2.JPG

Chef knife, custom made blade and handle by Brooklyn Blacksmith, for a private client

“I was born and raised in Brooklyn and that kind of upbringing settles deep into your bones. There was really no other option for me than to set up shop in Brooklyn; it’s the most creative, stimulating place in the world.”-Alex Himmelbaum

Gramercy knives alex, brooklyn blacksmith handmade in ny pynck cropped.jpg

150 handmade steak knives, made-to-order for Gramercy Tavern, an award winning NY restaurant

“The steak knives I made for Gramercy Tavern was a groundbreaking project for me. The order was for 150 handmade knives of my own original design. To complete it I hired two full time assistants and 7 part-time workers. Even so, we finished at 2am the day before shipping. That was easily the hardest and most gratifying work of my life.”

Brooklyn Blacksmith Alex handmade in NY pynck asst.jpg

An assortment of handmade Chef’s knives and kitchen knives by Brooklyn Blacksmith

hatshop worth and worth handmade in NY pynck asstmnt (2) cropped.JPG

Cassis. Artisan handmade hats by Worth & Worth, individually dyed.

hatshop worth and worth cassis hat inside handmade in ny pynck (2) cropped.JPG

The Cassis is a Montecristi hat, a one-of-a-kind work of art.

worthandworth-ashland-vert-v1560032067071 handmade in NY pynck.jpg

Ashland silver belly beaver fur felt hat with hand woven band, custom made by Master Hatter Orlando Palacios, who has collaborated with the top names of international fashion design to craft the finest handmade hats available.

Hatshop worth and worth llorna w beads pynck handmade in ny.JPG

La Llorona, a hand-dyed Buntal straw hat with indigo bacu overlay and beadwork by Worth & Worth

hatshop worth and worth atomic tangerine mens handmade in ny pynck (2).JPG

Celebrities, artists and musicians who appear on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine regularly visit Worth & Worth for just the right hat in which to be photographed in. Orlando Palacios is the master craftsman, talented artisan and skilled master hatter as well as the proprietor of the legendary New York brand Worth & Worth. His innovative, modern approach to the centuries old technique of crafting bespoke hats is truly inspirational.

l and m studio red birdhouse pynck handmade in NY (2) cropped.jpg L and M studio yellow birdhouse handmade in ny pynck (2) cropped.png

Top of the line real estate for only the luckiest birds, handmade porcelain birdhouses from L & M Studio

l and m studio orange birdhouse pynck handmade in NY (2) cropped.jpg l and m studio turq birdhouse pynck handmade in NY (4) shorter cropped.jpg

Meg Oliver and Lucie Piedra are the master potters and proprietors of L&M Studio. The many steps required to hand make their collection of contemporary and sculptural porcelain objects they offer is mind boggling. “We start by making a model out of clay or wood.  We then make a plaster mold from the model.  After the mold dries we can then pour porcelain slip into the mold creating multiple porcelain copies of the original model. The pieces are then sanded, bisque fired, sanded again, washed and glazed and then re-fired to 2232 degrees creating the final vitreous porcelain piece.”

-Meg and Lucie

Custom satchel 1atelier pynck handmade in ny.JPG for pynck label handbag 1atelier custom handmade in ny.JPG

Custom made handbag by 1 Atelier, designed exclusively for Pynck.com

tote custom pynck handmade in ny 1atelier.JPG

label for tote pynck 1atelier handmade in ny.JPG

You start with a tote body, then you choose the color and type of leather for the body, gusset, straps, hardware, edge color, lining, interior options and personalized label. Fun, bespoke and one-of-a-kind.

custom convertibel crossbody 1atelier handmade in ny pynck.JPG

label pynck custom handbag 1atelier handmade in NY.JPG

Mini crossbody style handbag by 1 Alelier. You decide on all the options and the skilled leather artisans custom make your handbag to your specifications. Handmade in New York City’s Garment District. Personalization is the ultimate luxury.

bite beauty lipstick handmade in ny pynck.JPG

Custom for-you-alone, handmade lipstick at Bite Beauty

blend lipsticks bite beauty pynck handmade in ny.JPG

You make an appointment and sit down with a skilled Bite Beauty lipstick technician. She mixes the colors that you decide upon, that suit your coloring, your personality, your true nature.

bitebeauty custom lipstick pynck handmade in ny.JPG

Your customized colors are poured into a mold.

Bitebeauty custom made lipstick pynck handmade in ny.JPG

When the lipstick has dried, it’s removed from the mold by a skilled technician.

bite beauty custom lipstick pynck handmade in ny.JPG

Voilà! Your own lipstick, colors combined and chosen by you. Handmade by Bite Beauty, in New York, where everything is possible.


Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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