Top Wedding Looks from New York – The Knot Couture Bridal Show

Romana K. bride sitting pynck (2) cropped.png

Stunning one shoulder ball gown of embroidered tulle by New York top couture bridal designer Romona Keveža

It’s no wonder that the list of celebrity devotees of talented designer Romona Keveža reads like the credits of a popular Hollywood blockbuster. Sophisticated, sumptuous and flattering beyond words, many of these extraordinary gowns are considered minimalist, a description not normally seen in the bridal industry.

Romana K. 40's hollywood style pynck (2) cropped.jpg

Minimalist 1940’s Hollywood glamour couture bridal gown of stretch silk crepe, plunging neckline, silver belt and graceful bell flare sleeves. A heavenly creation of “less is more” by Romona Keveža.

Romona K. tulle overskirt pynck (2) cropped.jpg

Dramatic, strapless plunging corset bodice with a simple tulle overskirt and sleek silver belt. Gown by Romona Keveža. Chic, classic and contemporary.

Pninatornai times sq pants pynck (4) cropped.jpg

Sequined jumpsuit for the bride by Pnina Tornai, photographed in Times Square, New York

We know who’ll wear the pants in this new family…both the bride and her partner. Alluring, sensuous and comfortable, the pants option gives brides another alternative while retaining all the elegance of a gown. If you plan on dancing all night, this is a fabulous choice.

Pninatornai nypd lace bodice pynck (2) cropped.jpg

So gorgeous, she should be arrested. Ball gown by Pnina Tornai. Photographed in Times Square, New York.

Lovely lace up bodice, delicate beaded appliqué and a full skirt of silk tulle creates a breathtaking dream of a bridal gown. The corset styled lace-up bodice is a very popular trend seen everywhere. Pnina Tornai is a legendary couture bridal designer, with a worldwide following. From sweet and romantic to all-out spectacular, she creates looks for every bride.

pninatornai floral bodice one shldr pynck.png

Floral embellished bustier bodice with decorative stays. A fairytale gown for a fairy princess by Pnina Tornai

Lingerie references were another important trend seen in the couture bridal market. What once was reserved for wearing under the gown, is now a design element of the dress itself. Embellished with cascading flowers, petals and delicate appliqué, this ball gown is sure to mesmerize.

Pninatornai bow back pynck (4) cropped.jpg

Greek goddess gown by Pnina Tornai

The effortless, graceful lines of the mermaid silhouette are still a popular trend, as well as the trailing fishtail train. A large bow back is the final accent to this luxurious silk gown.

Pninatornai bling gown detail pynck.JPG

Opulent rhinestones and maximum bling, bodice detail by Pnina Tornai

The many hours of skilled handwork is evident in this detail image of a rhinestone encrusted bodice couture gown by Pnina Tornai.

Wona-Wedding-dress-Meryl1 strapless pynck (2) cropped.jpg

For the imaginative bride, a fantastic WONÁ gown that leaves very little to the imagination. Meryl design.

Lingerie references and a sheer mermaid skirt with feather accents create a wedding gown of total drama. Off the shoulder or strapless with a low décolletage continues to be a popular trend.

Wona-Wedding-dress-2020-Melissa-1 fitted bodice, ruffle skirt pynck (2) cropped.jpg

Melissa ball gown by WONÁ. Embellished, fitted bodice and miles of skirt.

In the U.K., this silhouette is called a meringue; big, fluffy, voluminous layers of frothy tulle. In a survey done by a leading news agency, this is the wedding gown men prefer. Women favored a simpler silhouette. Which will you choose?

Wona Lady Edem one sleeve pynck (2) cropped.jpg

Lady Edem single sleeve gown by WONÁ.

This could be called the “Va-va-voom” of all wedding gowns. Exciting, sensuous, electrifying and that’s certainly an understatement. Form fitting, bodycon illusion fabric, asymmetric off the shoulder, with one long, sleek Renaissance styled sleeve and a mermaid tail.

Wona-Wedding-dress-Avrora1 side cascade pynck (1) cropped.jpg

Swoon-worthy Avora gown by WONÁ.

A magnificent plunging neckline, rhinestone embellished form fitting gown and the versatility to add cascading side panniers of tulle. This elegant gown will take your breath away.

Ines di Danto fall 2020 cascade hem pynck (2) cropped.jpg

Cascading high-low gown by Ines Di Santo

An acknowledged queen of the bridal gown industry, designer Ines Di Santo is always ahead of the curve. She sets the standards and then surpasses them. This lovely gown features a soft blush pink silk, feminine ruffles and a long tulle train. This silhouette as well as the halter top are two important looks that are up-trending in the bridal market.

Ines di Santo fall 2020 grn blue pynck (2) cropped.jpg

Why should all wedding gowns be white? Ines Di Santo has other ideas.

A dreamy couture wedding gown that, at first glance, doesn’t look like a dress for a bride. Embroidered and embellished sheer corset bodice with sweet as a summer’s day floral print on the gently ruffled skirt. Summer is a celebration of re-birth, growth and renewal. A new start, a new beginning; and isn’t that exactly what marriage is all about?

Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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