Barnardos – Back to School 2020 – How much do you spend?

Barnardos - Back to School 2020

Each year Barnardos asks parents and guardians to take our Back to School Costs survey. We listen to parents and guardians, and let the Government know just how much it costs to send a child to school. We remind the Government of their responsibility to deliver truly free education for all.

This year is different. And there still remains a huge amount of uncertainty about what returning to school in September will look like.

We have widened our survey to include how parents and children are feeling about the return to school.

If you have a child in school, please spare 10 mins to take Barnardos’ Back to School Survey 2020.
If you have a child in primary school, take this survey:

Primary School

If you have a child in secondary school, take this survey:

Secondary School

We want to hear from children and young people too!

This year we have developed a short, child friendly survey to gauge how children and young people feel about returning to primary and secondary school in September. Our children and young people’s Back to School survey is anonymous and the results will be published alongside the results from our parents’ survey.

The children and young people’s survey takes around 5 minutes and is suitable for both primary and secondary school pupils. Younger children may need some help from an adult to complete it.

Young people survey

Do you have friends or family who might like to complete our surveys too? Be sure to share it far and wide. The more responses we get, the stronger case we can make to the Government.

Your input is vital, we would really appreciate your help.

Very best wishes,

Niamh Kelly
Policy Officer
Barnardos Ireland

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