Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks 3rd Session

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Verdi metallic waeving, Fashinnovation, pynck (2) cropped.jpg

Detail, Verdi handwoven mochila bucket bag in gold silver-plated copper threads and gray organic silk. 


Fashinnovation Worldwide Talks continues to address the critical issues surrounding the business of fashion, accessible to all on a global, digital platform. Industry leaders come together to share their experiences, their views and to create positive change. Let’s examine two of the important sessions and hear what these fashion leaders have to say:

Fashinnovation Fashion is Sustainability speakers pynck.JPG

Christopher lacy Fashinnovation, pynck (2) cropped.jpg

Christopher Lacy


Christopher Lacy: Assistant Professor Parson’s School of Fashion, Co-creator and host of
Retail Revolution” podcast. Christopher Lacy is also an experienced brand consultant. “It’s important that we discuss how we can make sustainable, slow fashion accessible at a reasonable price for the lower income customer.”


Verdi tabletop Fashinnovation pynck (2) cropped.jpg

Verdi, tabletop, woven copper centerpiece


Tomás Vera Gutierrez de Pineres: Founder and Creative Director, Verdi, contemporary textiles working within the interior design, fashion and art markets. His workshop is in Columbia. The mix of fiber and metal as well as the blending of traditional and contemporary are at the center of the Verdi brand’s core values. “We are working to help the local artisans create a dyeing process that will not harm the environment.”

Alfeya scrap leather tote bag fashinnovation pynck (2) cropped.jpg

Pasar Tote- Large – Upcycle Project #6, Alfeya Valrina. Created using 100% scrap leather from past production. 


Alfeya Valrina: Founder and designer of Alfeyna Valrina brand of accessories produced in Indonesia working with local artisans using only Indonesian sourced materials. “It’s a priority for my brand to work with local artisans and source all materials locally as well. We reuse materials whenever possible.”

DV065-Gallus-Vanassibara-D1-w rooster feather mules Fashinnovation (2) cropped.jpg

Stunning slides crafted with iridescent rooster tail feathers, Vanassibara


DV061-Sunset-Diego-Vanassibara-Q2-2000x1500 acrylic mosaic sneakers pynck Fashinnovation (2) cropped.jpg

Sunset mosaic embellished oxfords as a work of art, Vanassibara


Diego Vanassibara: Designer and founder of Vanassibara sustainable footwear, originally from Brazil now based in the UK. “If you can create design excellence and remove the middleman, this is a sustainable process. This allows you to produce luxury and still reduce the cost.”

maxi-tote-model Kmana Fashinnovation pynck (2).jpg

Kmana oversized leather tote


Bea Sanz Corella: Co-founder of Kmana brand of vegetable tanned accessories created with local artisans in Bali. Bea is a civic engagement expert and philanthropy advisor. The Kmana brand takes pride in being a part of the slow fashion and fashion revolution movements. Bea is the innovator of the Butterfly Mark. The Butterfly Mark is a third-party accreditation mark that identifies the luxury brands that meet the highest standards of verified innovation and environmental performance, offering transparency at points of sale and equipping consumers to make more informed purchasing decisions. “We need to explain to people that slow fashion costs more because people are getting paid a fair wage. This is an important point for the customer to understand.”

Coat Jonathan Cohen Fashinnovation, pynck (2) cropped.JPG

Multi-fabric coat, Jonathan Cohen


Jonathan Cohen is a prominent designer and textile developer based in New York. Jonathan is the creator of “The Studio, which is an evolution of the Jonathan Cohen brand, expanding our design offering with both creativity and innovation through upcycled products. Fashion production leads to an abundance of fabric scraps and remnants that typically go to waste. Our mission is to utilize these unused materials to minimize landfill pollution. Past seasons’ leftover fabrics and our factories’ scraps are now the brainchild for new styles. Price transparency is important for people to understand; why is one t-shirt $11.00 and another $100.00? We need to provide the customer that information to make pricing clear.”

Rachel Zoe Raisa Bruner Fashinnovation pynck.JPG

Rachel-Zoe-Fashinnovation 3 hauteliving credit pynck (2).jpg

Rachel Zoe


CEO, world-renowned stylist and designer Rachel Zoe is an editor, author, TV personality and entrepreneur recognized for her effortless take on glamour. As a designer, Zoe makes her exceptional taste accessible as Creative Director of the Rachel Zoe Collection, incorporating ready-to-wear, footwear and accessory lines available at shoprachelzoe.com and found in over 200 stores worldwide.  “You have to be really clear about your mission. My mission is to empower women to live a life of style.”

Rachel Zoe sequin jkt Fashinnovation pynck (2).JPG

Pink gold sequin belted jacket, Rachel Zoe


Rachel Zoe is also the founder and chief curator of the luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle membership, ​CURATEUR ​(aka Box of Style) and serves as founder and editor-at-large of online style destination, The Zoe Report, which covers fashion and beauty trends and inspiration to reach more than 14 million monthly users worldwide.

Raisa Brunner time fashinnovation pynck (2) cropped.JPG

Raisa Bruner, staff writer, Time


Raisa Bruner is a journalist and anthropologist. Raisa has written articles for Time, Business Insider, People Magazine, Fortune, Sports Illustrated and many other publications. Raisa Bruner was the moderator for this session.

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Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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