Fine artisanship in every piece crafted at The Collective Dublin

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THERE has been a run on engagement rings at The Collective Dublin Ireland, which is greeted with little surprise by founder and proprietor, artist and jeweller Madeleine Blaine.


Safety first behind the protective shield for jewellery designer Madeleine Blaine with more than 30 colleagues under one roof at The Collective Dublin, Ireland



Creative design in The Collective extends to a fireplace converted to an exhibition space


The uniquely boutique shop located in the heart of Dublin’s Creative Quarter kept the candle burning through pandemic restrictions and as couples perused their online options, Madeleine was there on the other end of a simple mouse click.

“I think couples realised that they could save money by having just a few people,” said Madeleine when met up with her in her shop. “There were those who said that they had made through and were still together, and they wanted to celebrate that.”

English-born Madeleine Blaine’s own journey from an earlier, decidedly bohemian lifestyle to accommodating over 30 artisans, herself included under one roof was what would have been the road less travelled for many. As a teenager she took herself off to Mexico, met and married her first husband and following the birth Gallardo & Blaine Designs over the next 11 years, travelled between Mexico and her native England, wintering over in Central America while producing the work taught by her late husband and then selling their work at summer craft fairs in the UK.


The Collective sits beside Drury Street in Dublin Ireland



In a sign of the times, handcrafted jewellery is displayed beside colourful facemasks at The Collective Dublin, Ireland



Handcrafted fine jewellery at The Collective Dublin, Ireland


It was at the Design House in Dublin that the idea of a ‘collective’ of like-minded artists was born, and along with 11 artists she met at Showcase Ireland in 2017 is branching out at speed, adding prints and pottery alongside retaining the original basement premises while moving up to include the ground floor.

“It has been primarily jeweller and now we have moved into other crafts since October,” Madeleine explained. “We are contemporary with lots of different designers all in one place and I don’t think there is anywhere in Dublin as affordable and all in one place.”

The Collective Dublin is a veritable treasure trove of beautiful gems and a variety of metals and for anyone who fancies a go at the craft, classes are available. Courses in jewellery design can be for the more serious-minded but meanwhile are already popular for special celebrations, as Madeleine added, “People are still having birthdays and anniversaries, treating themselves with a little pep-up.”

The Collective Dublin is open Monday to Wednesday and Friday and Saturday from 10.30am to 6pm and on Thursday from 10.30am to 7pm, and Sunday from 12.30 to 5.30pm.

Phone +353 16751799 or email, or the see the website at The Collective is on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Kim Mullahey

Kim Mullahey is’s Ireland Correspondent. She holds an honours undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Chicago and has taught Adult Education Creative Writing Studies. Through a media career spanning nearly 25 years Kim has written and photographed regional news, national and international horse sports, fashion and lifestyle. Kim lives with her husband and son in Kildare Ireland, and a stray marmalade cat who has adopted the family.

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