Sustainable is Sexy: Designers for the Planet: Emerging New Talents, Milan Fashion Week

Sustainable is Sexy: Designers for the Planet: Emerging New Talents, Milan Fashion Week

Tiziana Guardinit video horizontal Milan (2) cropped.JPG

Designer Tiziano Guardini’s sustainable gown

The “Designers for the Planet” initiative hosted six emerging “Made in Italy” brands dedicated to sustainability: Those brands are Fantabody, flavialarocca, Tiziano Guardini, Bav Tailor, Yatay and Silvia Giovanardi. Camera Moda Italy is dedicated to promoting the important work of these new designers on a worldwide stage.

Sustainable is Smart

Flavia La Rocca, award winning designer and winner of the prestigious Green Carpet Fashion Awards, Italia, 1999, presents a new attitude towards clothing. Her work features modular and sustainable fashion. “My philosophy: is to create a never ending wardrobe. To reduce the waste of water, energy and raw materials, bearing in mind the importance of protecting our planet. My garments are made in Italy.” –Flavia La Rocca.

Flavialarocca Designers for the Planet Milan 9-20.JPG

Watch flavialarocca video

flavialarocca milan designer planet pynck dress before unzip 9-20 (2) cropped.JPG flavialaroccs Milan designers for planet pynck 9-20 zip dress (2) cropped.JPG Flavialarocca mens designer for planet milan pynck 9-20 (2) cropped.JPG

Modular clothing. Step 1: dress fully zipped. Step 2: dress, top unzipped. Menswear: sleeves and lower pant legs zip off, flavialarocca creates versatile, sustainable and inventive options for men and women.


Sustainable is Sexy

Fantabody 2 girls Milan Pynck cropped.jpg

Fantabody, “Designer for the Planet.” Curvaceous, bodycon and workout ready. This sustainable body wear makes fitness training look hot.

Designers for the planet Milan 2 girls Fantabody cropped.jpg

Put this Fantabody, sustainable body wear on and you’ll want to do more than a few push-ups.

Sustainable is Beautiful

Tiziano Guarndini Designer for planet Milan 9-20 2 girls (2) bikini tops cropped.JPG

Charming hand crocheted floral embellishments on sweet bikini tops. Tiziano Guardini.

Tiziano Guardini straw dress milan (2) cropped.JPG

Tiziano Guardini. Did you ever consider wearing a straw dress like a forest pixie? Sustainable fashion makes us think in different ways.

Tiziano Guardini color jkt Milan (2) cropped.JPG

Tiziano Guardini. Gorgeous, vibrant, must-have coat. Being sustainably produced makes it even better.

05-tiziano_guardini_ girls horse Milan cropped.jpg

Tiziano Guardini. Sustainable. It’s only natural.

Sustainable is Realistic

4.-bav-tailor sheer inserts blouse milan (2) cropped.jpg

Incredible sheer inset fabric takes this blouse into the realm of fabulous. Bav Tailor.

2.-bav-tailor milan blue draped dress milan (2) cropped.jpg

Bav Tailor discusses her brand as a positive luxury business. Elegant, fluid draped dress.

5.-bav-tailor white jkt Milan (2) asym zip cropped.jpg

Flattering asymmetrical jacket makes you wonder, why not chose sustainable, conscious fashion over fast fashion?

Bav Tailor.

Sustainable is Achievable

Yatay designer planet pinck Milan.JPG

Yatay, cruelty free vegan shoes

Yatay sneakers are handmade by master shoemakers in the Italian region of Marche following time honored traditions handed down from generation to generation, reinterpreted using modern technology.  “Synthetic materials alternative to leather are usually oil-based. After two years of R&D, we discovered a way to instead employ “bio-polyols” – polymers extracted from cereals – as raw material” –Yatay

Yatay designer planet hand made Milan.JPG

Yatay sneakers are handmade by skilled craftspeople. For every pair of sneakers purchased Yatay will plant a tree for you in Kenya.

Yatay designer planet Milan sneakers corn.JPG

Advanced green fashion technology. Sneakers made from grain. Yatay.

Yatay designer planet 4 sneakers Milan.JPG

Every color of the rainbow is available.

Yatay designe rplanet yellow sneaker Milan.jpg

Yatay sneakers. Watch the video here.

Sustainable is our future

Silvia Giovandari Milan designer planet Egyp queen bottom (2) cropped.JPG

Egyptian Queen imagery, Silvia Giovanardi

“My aim is to raise awareness about the importance of wearing healthy clothes through a multi-sensory experience using certified organic fibers.” – Silvia Giovanardi.

Silvia Giovanardi Milan top Egyp designer planet (2).JPG

Egyptian Queen two piece, Silvia Giovanardi. Cleopatra wore sustainable fashions, why can’t we?

Silvia Giovanardi Scarab dress designer planet Milan (2) cropped.JPG

Egyptian scarab motif dress with gold shoulder straps. Silvia Giovanardi.

Silvia Giovanardi rodeo dress milan designer planet (2) cropped.JPG

Rodeo dress by Silvia Giovanardi. All of fashion history and all global cultures inspire this innovative designer.

‫Kimono sweatshirt lav beige sleeves Silvia Giovanardi Milan.JPG

Have you ever seen a kimono sweatshirt before? Silvia Giovanardi captures the true spirit of modern fashion by blending sustainably produced textiles and her incredibility original take on the possibilities. What do you want to wear? I’ll start with this extraordinary kimono sweatshirt.

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