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The Art Angle Podcast: How Frida Kahlo Can Change Your Life (for Better or Worse)

Frida Kahlo is, by every metric, one of the most famous artists in the world. Recently the priciest Latinx painter at auction, she has also been the subject of solo shows at prestigious institutions around the world, and she continues to be a pop-culture sensation whose image and iconography grace everything from apparel, to dolls, to smartphone selfie filters (and much more).

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The Gray Market: Why ‘Sticky’ High Rents Are Gumming Up the New York Art World in Its Time of Need (and Other Insights)

Last Sunday, law professor Tim Wu penned an op-ed for the New York Times about how to untie the knot choking New York City’s real-estate market in this very strange, very unsettling year.

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Wet Paint: Swizz Beatz’s Longtime Curator Is Opening a Gallery, Damien Hirst’s Shirt May Flip for a Fortune, & More Art-World Gossip

It’s hard to think of an art-world figure who really should open a space more than Nicola Vassell. Lots of people put their name on a door just because—but Vassell’s track record is as stacked as it gets.

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Sotheby’s Livestreamed Paris-to-London Hybrid Sale Pulled in $90 Million, Led by a Picasso and Banksy’s Irreverent Twist on Monet

As auction houses continue to forge ahead with hybrid physical and digital auctions amid travel restrictions, they are putting serious time, effort, and money into hyped-up, seamless live-streamed sales. Today’s effort by Sotheby’s, which started with a sale of Modern art in Paris before moving on to a second offering of contemporary art in London

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From the Discovery of an Ancient Cat Drawing to Marian Goodman Leaving London: The Best and Worst of the Art World This Week

Catch up on this week’s news, fast.

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Phillips’s 20th century and contemporary art evening sale kicked off a week of auctions in London today, with Sotheby’s and Christie’s to follow later in the week.

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Actress Amber Heard and Artist Marilyn Minter Have Made a Provocative Election Ad in Defense of Reproductive Rights

In an effort to encourage women to vote in the forthcoming presidential election, feminist artist Marilyn Minter has released a new video starring actress Amber Heard.

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