Magicseaweed – Hurricane Teddy Awakens a Colossal Surf

WATCH: 8 Insane Rides from Biggest, Meanest Puerto Escondido in Years

Mexpipe finally wakes up.

Finally, Mexpipe’s awakened from its three year slumber. You can bet that after such a hiatus, locals and a cast of big wave protagonists were frothed to the hilt at this late season super session that blipped on the radar for Puerto Escondido over the past few days.

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MSW Highlights

5 of the Best Reef Breaks on the Planet
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GALLERY: Hurricane Teddy Awakens ‘Biggest Ever’ Surf for the Dominican Republic
Notes from the photographer who paddled the 1km out to capture it all.

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SPECIAL REPORT: State of the Nation in Hawaii

Surfing’s in the weirdest place ever for the North Shore.

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