Whole Lotta Seoul-Fashion Week Part 2

seoul 2 doucan horizontal 2 dresses (2) cropped.JPG

Doucan brand at Seoul Fashion Week proves that feminine and frilly can still be bold and sexy.

Doucan seoul 2 fringe hat cropped.jpg

Dressing for women who are self confident and live in the height of fashion. The gat, (traditional Korean hat) was introduced in the late 14th century and still looks fabulous today. Doucan.

Doucan seoul 2 shorts cropped.jpg

Brand logo blouson jacket, patent leather shorts and ankle boots. Tough love by Doucan.

doucan seoul 2 peasant dress cropped.jpg

Adorable, retro and so trendy, this peasant dress may just make you re-think your jeans and t-shirt. Watch the enormous Doucan collection video here.

Doucan seoul 2 panniers blk cropped.jpg

Incredible trench coat with panniers. A fashion reference to the popular late 18th century panniers, which were side hoops and added fabric to enhance the hips. I’m putting this amazing coat on my Christmas list. What about you? Doucan.

doucan seoul 2 yellow dress cropped.jpg

It’s obvious Chunghoon Choi of Doucan is a master of power DRESSing.

Seoul 2 bydby red raincaot cropped.png

Menswear to borrow by By.D’By. Exceptional trench with layered sleeves and chain embellishment.

seoul 2 bydby lave, vest cropped.png

Marled yarn sweater with asymmetrical flap vest. So cool. By.D’By.

Seoul byDby red blk cropped.png

Color is the new black. By.D’By.

seoul 2 greedilous ruffle pants cropped.jpg

Oversized gingham print tiered ruffle pants. Already fabulous. Add a boldly printed leather biker jacket. Genius. Greedilous brand.

seoul 2 greedilous long skirt cropped.jpg

Retro midi length pleated skirt and coordinating blouse with Greedilous brand signature rich and vibrant fabric.

seoul 2 greedious mens kimono suit cropped.jpg

A kimono that feels like a suit or perhaps a suit that feels like a kimono? Either way, it’s all about the “Wow” factor. Greedilous.

seoul 2 greedilous digital pants suit cropped.jpg

Innovative Greedilous brand crafts amazing digital prints and the collections are extensive. If you buy one pants suit this year, this may be it. The pants suit that announces you have arrived. Watch the video here.

seoul 2 greedilous sheer top dress cropped.jpg

Elegant silhouette meets funky fabric. The result is a lovely long dress with sheer over jacket that is simply spectacular. Greedilous.

seoul 2 greedilous drop shldr dress cropped.jpg

Drop shoulder bodycon dress that combines a terrific digital pattern with flattering, skilled tailoring. Greedilous designer Younhee Park creates designs for fashionistas who need to stand out from the crowd.

Carnet-archive seoul 2 eye shirt cropped.jpg

Carnet-Archive brand is a blend of modern art and fashion. Graphic eye shirt and Creamsicle color leather trousers.

seoul 2 carnet-archive silver womens cropped.jpg

Liquid gold asymmetrical top and drop waist pants create an understated, sophisticated look. Carnet-Archive.

Seoul 2 carnet-archive mens rust jkt cropped.jpg

Combining matte and gloss finished leathers, this bronze colored jacket really stands out. Note the unusual contrasting seams along the black leather jeans. Carnet-Archive.

seoul 2 miss gee red nautical cropped.jpg

Classic nautical styling with a modern twist accessorized with a charming vintage French sailor’s beret. Miss Gee Collection.

seoul 2 miss gee blue nautical cropped.jpg

Sweet self tie peplum jacket and easy, full trousers fashion a “pretty as a picture” nautical suit for a fun day onboard the yacht. Miss Gee Collection.

seoul 2 miss gee blk wht sequins cropped.jpg

Ready for the red carpet. Stunning plunging sweetheart neckline gown in black and white sequins captures the light as well as everyone in the room. Miss Gee Collection.

seoul 2 miss gee sheer pant w turtle cropped.jpg

An exotic blend of summer strapless top, ocean creature inspired shorts and gauzy sheer jacket and harem pants. An innovative ensemble that is a real stunner. Miss Gee Collection. Watch her video here.

seoul 2 miss geee yellow swim cropped.jpg

Head turning halter one piece maillot swimsuit and coordinating jacket will be the shining star on any beach. Miss Gee Collection.

Edward Crutchley puff sleeves seoul 2 cropped.jfif

Designer Edward Crutchley has a unique take on the world of fashion, focusing on craftsmanship and exquisite materials. Magnificent statement gown tells the story.

edward crutchley mens shorts seoul 2 cropped.jfif

Subtly patterned shorts and shirt pair brilliantly with a bold pink silk top. Edward Crutchley.

EdwardCrutchley mens tunic seoul 2 cropped.jfif

Handsome embroidered tunic and cropped pants create a vibe of unassuming elegance. Edward Crutchley.

edward crutchley blk skirt puff sleeves seoul 2 cropped.jfif

The best of both worlds. Gorgeous black embroidered skirt with massive pillow sleeves in a glorious, brilliant silk. An entrance making ensemble by Edward Crutchley, based in London.

The amazing designers of Seoul Fashion Week have provided us with so much fashion joy. The talent they share with us is so precious.


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