Ruffles + Bows, Sexy Swimwear from Colombia

Ruffles and Bows Swimwear Horizontal, 11-20 praia.JPG

Celebrating the talented swimwear designers of Columbia at the Paraiso Show in Miami Beach. Major ruffles make a feminine and dramatic statement. Praia brand is known for their flirty use of spectacular ruffles and bows.

Colombia swim OndadeMar floral long gown.JPG

Glorious long floral gown by OndadeMar.

Colombia swom OndadeMar floral 1 pc 11-20.JPG

Charming, ultra pretty ruffled monokini. OndadeMar.

Colombia swim OndadeMar 1 shlr jumsuit wht 11-20.JPG

Softly draped one shoulder ruffle highlights an elegant jumpsuit. OndadeMar.

Colombia swim Corpo purole floral 11-20.JPG

Corpo brand embellishes this deep plunge one piece with tiny accent ruffles.

Colombia swim corpo aqua w earrings 11-20.JPG

A delicate sheer blouse over an aqua 2 piece with shirred high waisted bottom. Corpo.

Colombia swim corpo pink lace jumpsuit, 11-20 cropped.jpg

A perfect beach cover-up when you really don’t want to cover much up. Corpo pink lace jumpsuit.

Colombia swim Ancora 2 pc blk wht ruffle top check cover 11-20.JPG

Graphic black and white 2 piece with a ruffled bikini top. Buffalo plaid cover-up, by Ancora.

Colombia swim Ancora lips 1 pc. 11-20.JPG

Full ruffle shoulders on a cute hot lips print one piece. Ancora. Sustainable fabric is created from recycled plastic bottles.

Colombia swim ancora pale pink ruffle 11-20.JPG

Pale pink bolero top with a retro 40’s vibe. Ancora.

Columbia swim ancora box pleated ruffle top 11-20.JPG

Box pleated bikini top with high waisted bottom. Ancara.

Columbia swim MolaMola red bows 11-20 (2) cropped.JPG

Big red bows that dance in the breeze. MolaMola swimwear.

Colombia swim Carolina Estefan, multi pattern 11-20 pk blue.JPG

Carolina Estefan brand is known for their vibrant, muliti-colored patterns and generous use of ruffles.

Colombia swim Nawa blk wht hanky top 11-20.JPG

Nawa swimwear handkerchief top with bold palm tree motif. Watch the entire Paraiso swimwear show video here.

Colombia swim encantadore blue ruffle shldr 11-20.JPG

Encantadore flamboyant one piece with asymmetrical ruffle shoulder.

Colombia swim encantadore red pink skirt 11-20.JPG

Tiny red puff sleeve crop top and breezy pink pareo. Encantadore.

Colombia swim encantadore grn ruffle 1 shlrd w skirt 11-20.JPG

Exotic tropical jungle print is just the thing for this ruffle bikini top and self-tie skirt by Encantadore. Slinky drop earrings are the perfect accessory.

Colombia swim Encantadore gold brown ruffle top 11-20.JPG

The more ruffles the better. Encantadore.

Colombia swim Encantadore blue toile gathered slv. 11-20.JPG

Classic blue toile print one piece maillot with beautiful matching cover-up. The gathered sleeves add an extra touch of glamour. Encantadore.

Colombia swim palmacwa jade cut out 1 pc wht top 11-20.JPG

Dramatic monokini in deep jade by Palmacea Swimwear.

Colombia swim palmacea yellow 2 pc 11-20.JPG

Diaphanous ruffle sleeved cover-up over coordinating yellow and white bikini with a little bow up front. Palmacea Swimwear. This lovely set would make a splash on any beach.

Colombia swim praia tiered skirt colorful 11-20 (2) cropped.JPG

A riot of color and pattern are the hallmark of the Praia swimwear brand.

Colombia swim praia puff slv yellow cross 11-20 (2) cropped.JPG

Some people want to blend into the background. Those people don’t wear the extraordinary swimwear by Praia.

Colombia swim praia orange floral dress 11-20 (2) cropped.JPG

Put on this glorious floral cut-out dress and matching crown by Praia and you will step into a seaside fantasy.

Columbia swim praia yellow off shldr w crown 11-20 (2) cropped.JPG

Regal off the shoulder strapless gown with a delicate ruffle accenting the skirt by Praia will turn a day at the beach into a royal occasion. Add a crown and you will be a princess.

The swimwear designers of Colombia take their jobs seriously. They offer the most exuberant, joyous and feminine designs in the swimwear market. A festive infusion of color, pattern and of course, ruffles and bows.

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