Vogue Business – From circularity to climate change: Sustainable fashion in 2020

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Luxury’s sustainability efforts came under pressure in 2020, with mass order cancellations impacting the supply chain and its workers, and huge amounts of unsold inventory highlighting the need for sustainable solutions.

Sustainability editor Rachel Cernansky unravels the commitments and bright spots from the year in fashion sustainability, as well as where efforts are still needed. Resale, for one, is a fresh opportunity being considered more meaningfully — but experts are still undecided as to how sustainable resale really is

From circularity to climate change: Sustainable fashion in 2020

Key takeaway: A tumultuous year in retail saw both gains and losses for sustainability, but analysts say progress is lacking in key areas like climate change


The future of sustainable fashion

Key takeaway: Implementing sustainability in the fashion industry requires brands and consumers to navigate a complex web of challenges. As the industry’s understanding of matures, its solutions become even more creative



Fashion startups: Surviving and the investment potential

Key takeaway: Emerging brands, retailers and investors must share the negative effects of the past year and look forward to establishing stronger relationships that are fairer to everyone [Member-only].


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