Vanity Fair – Everything You Missed at the Inauguration

In Stirring Inaugural Address, Joe Biden Calls for an End to America’s “Uncivil War”

The 46th president urged unity amid deep division, as Vice President Kamala Harris made history in a moving ceremony at the U.S. Capitol. “Let’s start afresh,” Biden said.

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With His First Wave of Executive Orders, Biden Will Start Mopping Up Trump’s Mess

The president plans to urgently address the COVID crisis that Trump downplayed, along with issuing more than a dozen orders that repudiate some of his predecessor’s most toxic policies.

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Biden’s Democracy-Affirming Inaugural Rang Out in a Heavily Fortified Washington

The orderly transfer of power at the Capitol was a striking departure from the chaos two weeks earlier, yet the fallout from the MAGA insurrection was still evident.

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Fashion Diplomacy Returns at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s Inauguration

The scaled-down, heavily protected event still brought together most of Washington’s leaders, many of whom dressed symbolically for the occasion.

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As Joe Biden Takes Office, Allies Urge Him to Act Decisively

A year ago today, Joe Biden was losing in Iowa, and COVID-19 was a blip on the radar. Now he takes the reins of a nation in multiple crises. “Every time I talk to him,” says Rep. James Clyburn, who sealed the deal for Biden in South Carolina, “I remind him that the end of slavery started with an executive order.”

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