Clean lifestyle choices trending this year

ACCURATE predictions are difficult enough to come by when things are flowing along normally, but the Mintel Beauty & Personal Care consumer tracking group has stepped into the murky future and come up with four main predictions in beauty trends this year.

Beauty and personal care this year is trending towards more guidance from industry professionals

The consumer prediction group has looked at more than 3,000 brands and can predict that trending this year will be mental health as well as acquiring value for money goods while digital growth is expected to escalate along with a willingness to spend more on ethically sourced local shopping.

Consumers are gravitating towards a more holistic approach to support mental health

“Going forward brands that successfully highlight the use of beauty routines as a way to combat stress and anxiety and bring normality during uncertain times will drive long-term value for consumers,” said Mintel Global Beauty and Personal Care associate director Andrew McDougall. “Brands will need to create strategies for third-party experts to validate and educate consumers about the future of holistic wellness and self-care that touches on the mind-body-spirit connection.”

While the end of the current lockdown may presage a return to normal, there isn’t much doubt that it will be a ‘new normal’ as digital platforms expand their scope to capture individual lifestyle needs by implementing targeted brand development strategies.

“Loyalty and lifetime customer value will be driven through multiple sophisticated and personalised digital touchpoints that focus on capturing individual lifestyle needs,” Andrew McDougall explained. “The professional sector should be elevated further to offer an enhanced beauty experience through the use of trained and trusted professionals creating a true ‘omnichannel’ strategy.”

The big brands will have to look to value for money to attract consumers away from ethically sourced local beauty and personal care products

The beauty and personal care industry will have to look towards attracting consumers through the year with tangible value while managing the growing trend to shop local for ethically sourced products online or on the high street, with major brands encouraged to look towards best product sources.


Kim Mullahey

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