Milan Fashion Week: Sustainable Emerging Designers

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Alabama Muse Milan red coat 2-25-21 horizontal in boat.JPG

Alabama Muse, presenting for the first time at Milan FW

Highly anticipated Milan Fashion Week kicked off with emerging and sustainable fashion designers. I wanted you to see some of the fun and adventurous collections that will probably not be featured in most Milan FW reports. These are the Italian designers of the future. Remember, even Giorgio Armani, the undisputed Maestro, had to start at the beginning.

Alabama Muse Milan wht coat MGA 2-25-21 (2) cropped.JPG

The lucky model in the Alabama Muse video drove a classic MGA. Watch the adorable video here.

Alabama Muse purple coat pompom hat Milan 2-25-21 cropped.jpg

Fun, funky, colorful Alabama Muse brand features animal-free sustainable furs. The faux fur coats are brushed, frisé or shaved to resemble real animal fur and are made in Italy.

Alabama Muse wht coat w leopard Milan 2-25-21 cropped.jpg

“I wanted a fur but my love for animals prevailed over my vanity,” says Alice Gentilucci,

founder and creative director of the brand.

AGL Shoes Milan yellow boots emerging designers 2-25-21 cropped.jpg

Here’s one way to add a pop of up-trending yellow to your wardrobe. AGL, presenting for the first time at Milan FW.

AGL shoes Milan green heels emerging 2-25-21 cropped.jpg

A chunky twist on the classic loafer in Kelly green. AGL shoes are made in Italy.

AGL shoes Milan blue high boots 2-25-21 emerging cropped.jpg

Knee high lace-up boots in baby blue leather, AGL.

AGL shoes Milan blk burg boots 2-25-21 cropped.jpg

The AGL brand spans over 50 years and three generations. If it took 50 years to design this magnificent boot it was worth waiting for.

Bacon yelloe puffer Milan 2-25-21.JPG

Bacon sustainable puffer coats presented for the first time at Milan FW.

Bacon puffer coat print Milan 2-25-21.JPG

Bacon designer coats are carried by most luxury retailers.

Bacon Plaid white puffer Milan 2-25-21.JPG

Bacon puffer coats are lined with 100% feather down.

Bacon blue, red, wht puffers Milan 2-25-21.JPG

You could almost forget that this sustainable runway show is completely digital and the models are avatars. Watch the Bacon virtual fashion presentation here.

Maxmara all models from website Milan 2-25-21.JPG

Max Mara celebrates their 70 year anniversary of creating outstanding outerwear. Credit,

Maxmara swirling coat Milan 2-25-21 maxmara website.jpg

When I was a womenswear buyer in New York, Max Mara was one of my favorite showrooms to visit. Why? Because in the showroom you could ask to see the garment up close. When you held the jacket or coat you could appreciate all the special details, the darts, the tucks, the gathers at the sleeve. It’s these impeccable designer elements that make the Max Mara brand so special.

Maxmara Milan forest green on Maxmara website 2-25-21.jpg

Forest green quilted full length coat, Max Mara. Credit,

Maxmara teddy bear coat Milan maxmara website 2-25-21.jpg

The iconic Max Mara Teddy Bear coat. Credit,

Milan moschino cow suit 2-25-21.jpg

Always eccentric, the Moschino label continues to surprise and delight the fashion forward customer. Here we have a countrified, farm fresh ensemble. Credit,

Milan moschino gangsta suit 2-25-21.jpg

Now designed by Jeremy Scott, the Moshino brand carries on its signature fun and fanciful creative approach. The 1940’s gangster look. Credit,

Milan moschino red blue gown 2-25-21.jpg

Painterly fabrics create a stunning evening ensemble. Moschino. Credit,

Potato suit Milan 2-25-21 moschino.jpg

I don’t think this is what they mean when they say, “Your dress looks like a potato sack.” This potato sack suit is quite elegant.

Milan moschino gold aligator tail suit 2-25-21.jpg

A magnificent alligator embossed suit. Possibly the tail is detachable? I believe this suit would be incredibly popular in Florida.

Milan red suit women emporio-armanii 2-25-21.jpg

Giorgio Armani crops the jacket and tapers the trouser for this rich velvet suit. Emporio Armani. Credit,

Milan mens gret suit emporio-armani 2-25-21.jpg

Men’s suiting goes relaxed and trousers now have a wider leg. Armani chooses pinks and lavenders as his pop colors. Emporio Armani. Credit,

Milan women tux blk emporio-armani 2-25-21.jpg

A sophisticated, paired down women’s tuxedo. Asymmetric modern collar jacket creates a contemporary edge.

Emporio Armani. Credit,

Milan mens leather jkt emporio-armani 2-25-21.jpg

Oh, so cool pullover leather jacket coordinated with the new loose trouser. Please note the cuffs.

Emporio Armani. Credit,

Mialn women royal blue suit, emporio-armani 2-25-21.jpg

The structure has softened; Armani is the master of this silhouette. Royal blue velvet shines.

Emporio Armani. Credit,

Can’t get enough? Stay tuned for lots more coverage from Milan Fashion Week!

Diane Weisbeck

Diane Weisbeck is a native New Yorker. A luxury lifestyle content writer, Diane was a retail buyer for Lord & Taylor’s flagship store, a product design/developer for Saks Fifth Avenue’s corporate office and a Director of Retail for major museums and high end retailers. She assists global luxury brands with their marketing and brand strategies and is also a Fair Trade corporate art consultant.

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